Deep emphasize the podium of woodland, the folks here stay well, live a good day

Original title: Digging forest land potential here, the folks here stay well, live a good day in the forest underground composite model model of Xinzhuang Village, Dashiwo Town, Fangshan District, Beijing, Beijing, and the reporter saw thousands Judging only the laid-up of Beijing oil chicken, this Beijing oil chicken market supply price is only 160 yuan, and it is in short supply.

"In 2020, Beijing Municipal Government Work Report pointed out that Beijing will actively promote the construction of new collective forest farms, improve the returning farmland policy, and vigorously develop the forest economy. Beijing Agriculture and Forestry Sciences actively responded to the municipal government’s call and integrates 6 colleges ( Center), 8 scientific research teams, launched a good demonstration effect in Dashiwo Town, Fangshan District, has achieved a good demonstration effect. "On July 5th, the Director of the Promotional Transformation and Promotion Department of Beijing Agriculture and Forestry Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences Science and Technology Daily reporter said in an interview.

Store Beijing Oil Chicken Increase and Environmentally Protection "We scattered a number of small chickens in wood, and implemented low-density small groups.

According to woodland tree species, spacing, depthness, etc., scientifically design small scottives, do not cut trees, do not destroy wood land, realize the combination of forest economy and ecological environmental protection, using color steel insulation board or light insulation materials, not Hardens the ground does not destroy the land. Liu Huai, head of Lin Poultry Research Team, Beijing Agricultural and Forestry Institute of Agriculture and Forestry, said. Unicast red clover, chicory + megadownload megae, etc.) (More than 15% of the traditional breeding conservation), supplemented by the probiotic fermentation bed, the fermentation bed process, the hensulum, improve the breeding environment and animal welfare, and finally reach Lin – Grass – Chicken Schical species. Quality development. Meng Lin, a person in charge of Forestra, Beijing Agricultural and Forestry, Beijing Grass Industry and Environmental Research and Development Center, said. In 2020, Beijing Agriculture and Forestry Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Implementation Forest Low Density Ecological Nurse Beijing oil chicken, forest underground construction has 21 farming chicken, healthy stocking of more than 2,000 demonstration applications.

"There are 160-180 eggs in Beijing oil chickens. After eggs, they can be listed as old hens. Each chicken has more than 50-100 yuan.

100 oil chickens per acre forest land, and can increase by 5,000-10000 yuan per acre. "The person in charge of the next cultivation base of Xinzhuang Village, Dashiwo Town, Cui Ziyu, secretary of the party branch of Xinzhuang Village, calculated a bill.

"The flock manure can be used to plant the soil, promote the growth of forest trees; small group scattered breeding to avoid the damage of large groups to forest land; forest breeding chickens to deal with weed growth, no need to artificial weeding; soil in the soil Drop, significantly reduce forest pest pegs.

Linxian chickens can significantly reduce the cost of forestry management and improve the quality of management.

"Liu Huai said.

Farming and edible bacteria efficiently utilize forest waste in the forestry composite model model of Xinzhuang Village, Dashospi Town, Fangshan District, Beijing, can see new shed chamber structure, fungus stereo bag high-efficiency cultivation technology, pest comprehensive prevention and control technology Demonstration and Application of Multi – functional Mushroom Device in Forest Fungus Model. "In this base, our hospital (center), eight teams jointly carry out technical support, carry out high-efficiency circulation utilization of forest grass, forest flowers, forest grass, forest grass, forest waste, forest economy ecological evaluation, etc. Test demonstration of patterns.

"The base technology team leader, Beijing Agricultural and Forestry Institute Plant Protection Environmental Protection Research Institute Liu Yu, studios, studies, studies, studies. As of now, the base construction of forestry edible bacteria new high shed 13 (more than 4,000 square meters), trial Demonstrate 3 large-scale varieties (flat mushrooms, mushrooms, black fungus) and 11 rare excellent varieties (榆 黄, monkey head, yellow umbrella, big ball mushroom, ganoderma lucidum, red flat mushroom, jade ear, black chicken Musk, Xi Pullater, Xiuzhen Mushroom, Abalone mushrooms) and its supporting efficient cultivation techniques, with a total output value of more than 40 million yuan.

In this way, Liu Yu team demonstrates the construction of the Mountain Forest, the Spring and Autumn, two seasons, the Spring and Autumn, two seasons, the Bailing Mei Spring and Autumn, two seasons, and improved the utilization of the Spring and Autumn in the Spring and Autumn Period of the Spring Festival. In the final, improve the comprehensive benefits of the base.

"We also demonstrate the mushrooms of the mushrooms, and reduce the dispersion of the bacterial rod, reduce the number of hydraulic, saving the cost of artificial production. Carry out the processing technology of edible bacteria products, provide mushroom dry powder processing equipment and technology, develop mushroom pasta, etc. New edible bacteria processing products, improved product added value. "Liu Yu said.

Forest economy promotes the development of one or two-three production, and the food and processing products of the mushrooms, and the local farmhouse ", the" Mushroom Banquet "is quietly raised.

Beijing Agriculture and Forestry Academy of Agriculture and Forestry, invite the domestic cooking masters to explain the cooking techniques of woodland mushrooms for the folk households, developing a number of special mushrooms, and promotes the development of local folk tourism industry. "At present, our base has become a characteristic agricultural highlight of the merger of one or two-year-old, and has become a demonstration window in forestry in Beijing.

In 2020, the base output value reached 2 million yuan, solving 35 employment in the village; driving 49 households, engaged in ‘mushroom banquet’, and the households increased more than 10,000 yuan. Sun Guangwang, secretary of the party branch of Puyu Township, Fangshan District, said. Today, in Nanhe Runcun, Zhoukou Shop Town, Beijing Fangshan District, Liu Village, Qingyun Store Town, Daxing District, etc. Science and leisure picking in a comprehensive demonstration base, annual reception tourists have reached 10,000 people. On November 18, 2020, the National Development and Reform Commission, the State Forest Development Bureau, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Science and Technology, Agricultural Rural Department, Natural Resources Department, 10 departments of the People’s Bank jointly released the "Opinions on the Promotion of Scientific Utilization of Forestland Promoting the High Quality Development of Wooden Grain and Oil and Forest", explicitly by 2025, promoting the development of the resource management system in the development of the economic industry under the wood and forests under the forest, basically established The relevant standard system basically covers the main product category, the industrial layout and variety structure of woody grain and forest and forest economy have further improved, the scale of industrialization, the level of specialization, and the annual output value of forest economies reached 1 trillion yuan.

"The difficulty of high quality development under the forest is the comprehensive creation. It requires multi-professional, multidisciplinary, multi-departmental joint and penetration, disk living forest resources, excavation of multi-functional efficiency under forest economics, effectively solve the long-term benefits of afforestation and Linnong The contradiction between short-term benefits reduces the government’s fees for forest land.

The release of documents provides a strong driving force for economic development under our country. Beijing Agriculture and Forestry Academy of Agriculture and Forestry, I have already conducted experimental demonstrations in many suburban counties in Beijing. "Qin Xiangyang said. Wang Zhiling, deputy dean of Beijing Agriculture and Forestry Sciences, said:" The Beijing Municipal Government Work Report clearly proposed to vigorously develop the economic economy, our hospital responded to the municipal government’s call, in each, center for many years On the basis of the technical test demonstration, Dashiyou Town, in the house, to carry out test demonstrations in the collective pilot forest farm, layout, integrate various, central resources, and unify the forest bacteria, forest flowers, forest birds single and forest grass, etc. Combined mode, and also introduced into forest waste high-efficiency cyclic utilization and forest economic ecological evaluation team, research and development of reasonable distribution, stereo interior, cultivation, mutual benefit, solid soil and water optimal agriculture and forestry composite mode, realization, research, Promote, produce integration and economic, ecological, social benefits, and better application of research results in the production of agriculture and forestry composite operations, and promote the sustainable development of a two-three-ortened organic integration to promote the sustainable development of agriculture and forestry composite operations. "" This model has been created more than a year, and it has been achieved in Dashi Town, Beijing, China. The base will receive a team of Beijing suburbs and Beijing-Foreign Wai Team. This model can be prepared to develop leisure agriculture in China, which makes it integrated with composite operations such as planting, farming, and tourism, effectively realizing the sharing and circulating development of forestry resources, improving Linnong’s income and forest industry comprehensive benefits. . "Wang Ziling said. (Ma Aiping) (Editor: Li Yihuan, Ren Lin) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.