On the way,While practicing,Despite the rush,The three also experienced the different customs and scenery of many city-states and territories in this Polar Mainland。 If you can successfully swear the right to territory,Let Zulong City State have order,This polar court is everywhere in the mainland,It’s really worth visiting。 Famous mountains andContinue Reading

“Fang Yu,You can count it!” Tuco meets Fang Yu,Abnormal excitement。 Fang Yu saw that it was Doctor Qiu,Confused。 “You are not a cyst?” “Cough,This is also a kind of cyst,But a little more complicated……”Doctor Qiu explained。 “Yep!”Fang Yu just remembered this,I haven’t touched this knowledge for too long。 Fang YuContinue Reading

“What do you mean,That means you don’t like me”Wang Youcai hits a snake with a stick。Just when the two of them were teasing each other,Wang Guilan came over with two platter。 Wang Youcai quickly stood up,Took the plate in Wang Guilan’s hand,And then took her to sit down,And said twoContinue Reading

“okay,Stop acting in front of me。”The leader is already impatient,Life and tokens have money for everything,More and less, he doesn’t care,Arm swing,“Hands on!” Two men in black each rushed towards father and son,A bang,Zhang Zhiqiang pulled the trigger,A man in black fell over,The other party is actually not a magician?HeContinue Reading

Sun Wukong did not see people,Below,Liao Wenjie is moving out from the grass,Side of the Niu Dey,A hand handle in hand,Cold and cold:“Niu brother and rest,Treat me to teach a Qi Tian Dasheng style。” “Say,Say。” The Niu De Wang smiled without his legs,Refers to Sun Wukong Road:“did you see it,ThisContinue Reading

If you don’t help with the wind, you think about those who are treated with Xianquan.,It may be said that it is extended for ten years.,The probability should not have former a long time.。 “hehe,Li’s brother is smart,Then guess what I chose.?” “Naturally, business,Otherwise, how can you come back soContinue Reading

“Oh!Then you go!Drive slowly on the road”Tong Jie said,Gently patted Xia Jian’s back twice with his hand,It feels like they are old friends for many years。 Tong Jie said to let Xia Jian go,Naturally, her brother-in-law has no objection。They sent Xia Jian to the gate,After watching his big run away,TongContinue Reading