“Hahahaha!”Yao Junli couldn’t help laughing out loud。She said with a smile:“You are so careless,No matter how much we invest,You are the boss。At this point,I also talked to Wang Lin about it in private,So you can rest assured” Xia Jian was taken aback,Asked softly:“You talked with Wang Lin privately?” “what happened?SeeContinue Reading

Even if research is completely separated from business,In the future, the workload of Changxiang Technology is also huge。 This global trip,Although looking for two future corporate vice president-level executives,But Ge Lingyue prefers to let them stay in Europe first,Responsible for the preparation of various matters of Changxiang Technology’s overseas branches。Continue Reading

“Ok,Goodbye”Xia Jian finished it happily,Turn around and leave。He finally escaped Fang Fang’s surveillance,Suddenly there is a kind of pleasure like a bird out of a cage。 Down the highway,Xia Jian quickly walked about two to three kilometers,A village suddenly appeared before his eyes,On a modern archway,The three characters of ShasanContinue Reading

“President Xia!I’m here to report”Xi Zhen yelled to Xia Jian in a loud voice。 Xia Jian takes a step forward,Took the suitcase in Xi Zhen’s hand,Introduced to her:“This is Mr. Yao,She is now not only our close partner,And also our landlord” “Mr. Yao!We have seen”Xi Zhen stretched out her littleContinue Reading

Yun Xiaofeng naturally heard the taunt“I never fight with words,It doesn’t make any sense,Just to tell you,After entering the time and space ruins,We are the enemy” Chuckle“Whether it’s outside or in the ruins of time and space,When your brother sent someone to chase me,We are already enemies!” Yun Xiaofeng didContinue Reading

The hexagonal array, which had already lost a corner, lost another corner.,The scorching light suddenly weakened a bit,Venerable Huo Xing was shocked,He murmured something,Teng Ran’s eyes wide open,Yelled,“Life and death,It’s time for you all!” Venerable Huo Xing stretched out his right arm,The black short knife leaped into the palm,The headContinue Reading

“Let’s go。” “and many more,I take something。”Peng Weihua finally put away the other gun,Turned around and ran into the small room behind the hall,Carrying a small password box out soon。 “This is the only thing left。”Peng Weihua’s self-deprecating explanation,But seeing Li Tianzhen’s expression is wrong,Keep your eyes slightly closed,Seems toContinue Reading

Can be believed,Can also hit Guo Zhaobu’s reputation,In invisible, resolve the Fuyang crisis after Guo Jumin,Even the prestige of the ruling mountains is further。 Even Zhao ignored everyone has already calculated,After that, let the East Factory of Fuyang,Seize the little scorpion of the end of the world and Shangguanhai,Let CaoContinue Reading