Qin Honghua is going to take a daughter.“Tianzhi justice”of,Just Chu Deiren,It is dedicated to her some can’t understand.。 Before this,She thought of Chu Deiren saw her daughter,May explain、May hide,It may even be like the same thing,What is the face?“Monozo,Ghost”Words,Let’s cheat her daughter.…… kindness,The old lady can go to this,But theContinue Reading

“I do not care,You only know Mr. Xia,Don’t know the mayor Xia”Xi Zhen deliberately hangs on,She seems to be mad at Xia Jian。 The three chatted for a while in Xia Jian’s office,Xia Jianhao couldn’t easily send Xi Zhen and Lin Wei away。Liu Zimin and Meng Jiucheng came,Xia Jian sawContinue Reading

“Car dealer。”Big black is not shy,Speaking and took out paper and pen from his pocket,Wrote a series of numbers quickly,“Call this if you want to find him。” Li Tianchou took a look,Is a strange number,He guessed it was Peng Weihua,This master’s phone number often changes,“thank you,Uncle。” The big black noddedContinue Reading

With a yearning for advanced magic,Wright fell into a deep sleep。 ———— Chapter Twenty Seven What is magic? Next day,Wright got up early,Had breakfast,Taking advantage of the time the college opens in the morning,Left the college,Got on the early coach to the imperial capital。 No. 31, Heishui Street, West District,Continue Reading

Two words from Xia Sanhu,Not just talking about Chen Erniu,Even Xia Jian laughed。 To Zhao Hong’s grave,Everyone fumbled in the dark and lit the candle,Then one lighted up seven or eight。Chen Erniu inserted these burning candles around the cemetery.。This candle lit up,The scenery on the cemetery is suddenly visible。 XiaContinue Reading

Pure Sun,That is, the great formation of the pure and true immortal level。 So big,Even if Li Ming cracks it, it takes a lot of time。 Two days、Three days。。 Li Ming breaks the formation,And the black and white can only watch,It’s not that she doesn’t understand the formation,But compared toContinue Reading

Amusement is not pleased。 “My son, I just don’t know what should I say.。” Demertion,After the captive surrender,Gao Baoyi,All said。For example, how is Gao Boyi proposed?“Ten kill”,How to play“Publicial review”Such as。 Listening to the gold cold sweat,Even this book is warm in the spring,Also let him feel the cold。 AContinue Reading

When Xia Jian said this,,I spit out my tongue embarrassedly。Why has he forgotten such an important thing??Fortunately, where is Guan Tingna unable to see his expression。 Guan Tingna snorted coldly on the phone:“With beauties,Of course you can’t remember calling me back。But let me remind you,Tomorrow evening you will rush intoContinue Reading

Say,Zhao Xiaoli went out directly。 Then go straight to Li with the wind.。 Li Hui has not succumb to drink before the wind.,He feels that his body should completely resist the past。 But he didn’t expect actually a little drunk feeling.。 Suddenly,He feels that there is a hot gas inContinue Reading

“Don’t be stiff。You just like Xiao Xiao,But some of her later practices,Just let you die。We all know this,Don’t avoid it”Guan Tingna said,Started the car。 Xia Jian did not argue with Guan Tingna any more,Because this thing is really like this。Who hasn’t had a past,Anyway。 Xia Jian glanced at his watch,WhisperedContinue Reading