Ding Ding Ding!” “Class is in class。” “I forgot to bring the bad textbook。” 2029year10month。 Yancheng District, Jiangnan Base City。 Yancheng Second High School,second grade(2)In the classroom。 A serious-looking,The middle-aged woman with short hair is scanning with a pair of stern eyes。 “Luo Hongguo, what are you talking about。”The headContinue Reading

I can’t help Nie Tao next,Can’t talk about what you owe,In the eyes of the teapot,This is business。But at least a little confession,He remembered that there was an unfinished deal with Nie Tao,Find out the news about Geng Laowu as soon as possible,Inform his brother,I’m worthy of him。 …… LiContinue Reading

but,Wei Shasha is still a little curious in her heart。 “Despite this,but,What should we do?” After all these people,If it is not resolved soon。 Then then,Such a thing,I’m afraid it will happen。 So see here,In this situation,Wang Teng smiled faintly:“it’s actually really easy,Since I have met here,So let’s not talkContinue Reading

Women are different from men。Chen Xiaolan is holding a wet towel again,Xia Jian in bed,Wiped it from head to toe,Then patted his generous back and said:“Put your clothes on!If someone comes” Xia Jianyi listen,Then got up in a hurry,Get dressed in twos or twos。He took the small box beside theContinue Reading

Tong Jie saw that Xia Jian was back,He closed the door of his office and said:“Boss!I heard you are on the news again?What exactly is going on?Why is your appearance rate so high?” Xia Jian sat down first,Then he smiled and asked:“What exactly is going on,I don’t understand what youContinue Reading

I wish Minglang be shocked。 Slaughter the city! Is this Luo Xiao a psychopath?,Even if it is for revenge for the Valkyrie,No need…… suddenly,Zhu Minglang realized one thing,Recalling Luo Xiao’s unconcealed fascination with Li Yunzi。 This perverted person may be he,He doesn’t know who the little beggar is talking about,SimplyContinue Reading