Duan Xiuying accompanied her mother to the banquet,Came a bit late,As soon as I entered the hall, I saw many people gathered around,Get curious,Also take a look,This looks amazing,Take a photo to Lu Xin immediately,Inform her。 as expected,Lu Xin is angry,Cut off by half-sister,How can she bear this breath?That prettyContinue Reading

“I’m sorry Mingyue,I want to divorce too,Let her live the life she wants,But neither of you agree。mom,something,I do not want to say,You still don’t ask。” When Mrs. Lu was young,,Also a resolute woman,Has a strong woman who won’t let her beard,Getting older,Slow,Not confused,The son obviously has something to say。 LuContinue Reading

Real Dragon smiled at Xia Chenglong,I nodded in satisfaction at the time:“Not bad,Really good,Now he has actually broken through the concentrating state,If you join this time,We should have hope in Dahua!” There was a little excitement in the tone of the real dragon,You can see him like this in XiachengContinue Reading

“It’s ok,Let you take a trip,Very embarrassed,Chat with Butterfly and Xiao Gao at noon,Actually, I don’t have any doubts about Big Bear,but I think,Maybe a friend needs to vaccinate the big bear in advance。The most suitable one is Xiao Gao,But he cares too much about Big Bear,It’s easy to misunderstandContinue Reading

———— First1169chapter Hooked up Chen Geng smiled and looked at Toyota Eiji whose face changed greatly,Step by step:“Mr. Eiji,Ohio、Utah will probably support you,But do you think the state that supports you can have10A?” 10A? Toyoda Eiji smiled bitterly:What a joke?Don’t say10A,Among all states in the United States,can have5It’s a shameContinue Reading

“This.” Manager Pei Yuan can’t handle this kind of thing obviously,I was scared even when I heard Qin Feng’s words。Are there any people in the capital who dare to steel their company boss these days?? “Wait a moment!” Finished,Bae Yuanqi calls the cell phone. ———— Chapter Two Hundred and TwentyContinue Reading

The police immediately laughed。 The lawyer laughed too。 “We support credit card and check here。”The policeman on bail said with a smile。 “Ok……” Downer·Babbitt hesitated,Still decided to swipe the card。 Although she has never been to a prison or detention center,But there is no beautification of detention centers in AmericanContinue Reading

Rui Mengmeng directly became Xin Zhao’s little girl,Obediently take Xin Zhao out to checkout。 Qiangwei looks at Xin Zhao’s back,Want to ask,Aren’t you out of money?But when she thinks of Lena,Smile on his face。 Bitch letter,I can’t cure you,Lena can’t cure you。 As the saying goes,Warmth**,Sitting in the co-pilot,Xin ZhaoContinue Reading

Ju Jiangyan’s understanding,Been with Qin Feng for so long,I have never heard Qin Feng say anything about him,And even if there is,He never said,I don’t know what it is today,Is it painful?? “what!no, I’m fine,I’ll go home and lie down for a while,No need to go to the hospital,Wife, doContinue Reading