text Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty Seven dispute Zhu Xiaoguang leads everyone,I didn’t even sit in the box with the lowest consumption,But occupied a table by the window in the lobby on the second floor,Pick up the menu,I started to order food。 Although the girls followed,The result was just aContinue Reading

Bai Zhiwei broke these three cartoons into pieces on the spot,Then burn it into coke with a lighter,An unpleasant smell of gum suddenly radiated from the air。 “Any more?Do not lie to me!The one who instigated you was Who?”Bai Zhiwei asked with a sneer。 “Zhou Min,Don’t say!He lied to you!WhyContinue Reading

In my eyes anyway,You will always be my uncle Xie,The best chef in our restaurant。” Heard this,Xie Wei didn’t continue,Just watching Wu Xiaorou quietly,The expression in the eyes is flying。 Wu Xiaorou is more and more out of his expectations,If ordinary people guess his identity is different,Will definitely break theContinue Reading

…… Hu Yang read everyone’s speech,Can’t help but smile:“right now,There is not much gold silk jade。If ten years ago,One person can pick up a thousand catties on the Gobi Desert。” Hua Zi and others couldn’t help but stare,Nima!A thousand catties? If I pick it up then,Put it now,This is aContinue Reading

First548chapter Unlucky ? The competition is certainly not small,The first competitor isIBM。 Although in the personal computer market,IBMof5150Completely withthinkcenterOn par,Don’t forget,United States@Medium-sized aircraft used by the military、Mainframes are all fromIBM,IBMThe relationship with the military is not comparable to Chen Geng,What’s more, this is a total value exceeding2Billion-dollar contract,Don’t say yes1981It’sContinue Reading

After Li Qing heard King Jing’s question,,Said with a smile,The death rate of passersby is also quite high this year,At least the travellers who can come to the heavens tavern have the means.,Not the kind of idiot fellow without IQ。 “You said,What is the intention of ancestral consciousness to throwContinue Reading

As the tornado aura dissipated,The clouds in the sky avoid the land of the city like a terrible existence。 Nine Stages into the Holy Land,This is the pinnacle of a large number of people in the entire Dahua country,Is the ability to truly be qualified to speak anywhere。 Zeng FenglongContinue Reading

The opponent started to eat renminbi cash in the foreign exchange market frantically,Cash back in U.S. dollars,The exchange rate of RMB against the US dollar has turned up,After breaking the equilibrium exchange rate, it quickly rose to1.9%High。 “Opponent is crazy!They added to the futures market an hour ago30Leverage selling2Trillion RMBContinue Reading

Populus nodded:“Under the same conditions,Almost like this。But I said before,Whether it is jade,Or other gems,The more transparent,Higher value。If a piece of hibiscus jade has better transparency than lotus root flour,It means more water head,It’s more valuable。” Lotus root noodles are similar to hibiscus,All belong to mid-range jade。 That’s it,Ge TianContinue Reading