The messenger looked surprised when he saw the other party,Smile,Pretending to be mysterious and pulled the officer aside,Quietly:“Did the general ever know,The foreign elders in the city,Want to rebel!” “what!” The eyes of the defending officer are perfectly round,Looking at the guy in front of you in disbelief,The elders withContinue Reading

“Elder Zhu Wunian!” Zhu Xie pulled Zhu Wunian to the side and said softly:“Wait for you to take those foreign elders directly and attack directly from behind Qicheng,Turn the people who killed those guys directly on their backs,But remember,Deathmatch,Try to make those guys consume more!” “understand!” Elders,It is undoubtedly aContinue Reading

‘The middle-aged bloated figure can’t fight,The boy’s body,I’m really not afraid of this stuff,Only when you remember the youth!’Chen Wenjin is very confident,Fist facing the man,While raising arms,Kick up。 Expected,This must succeed。 but,Leg movement,Chen Wenjin realized,His movements are slower than the opponent! The man raised his leg to block,One punchContinue Reading

“later?I said to this Buddhist monk,That ordinary person is obsessed with love just because of the human appearance of this snake monster,Just let this ordinary person get along with this snake monster body for a while,What to die,Sea dry,All will disappear。” “Because the appearance of the demon race after beingContinue Reading

As long as Qin Feng is willing to agree,Qin Feng’s business will be my business,Without violating rules and laws,I can open the door of convenience for him。 Gao Hao is also using power for personal gain,But things within the rules,Everyone will understand。 Because many promising companies,That’s also the kind ofContinue Reading

The guy who can use this giant weapon,Know without thinking,Must have terrible arms and extremely terrifying lethality。 “Good knife!”Tu Shanming was all over,Grinned。 “come on!Good guy!Your head is worth collecting!”Lu Feng’s body’s light lines exploded at the same time,Wielding a huge ghost sword,Rushed towards Tu Shanming like a gust ofContinue Reading