Ok!Have a story? The audience in the live broadcast room was as surprised as Brother Hu,Never expected,The cultural relics consultant of such a big museum,She is a girl in her early twenties,not00The girl behind? “Hello there!I am Ye Xin,Cultural Relic Advisor of Provincial Museum,Nice to meet you today!”Ye Xin reachedContinue Reading

Anyway, he regards Chen Limu as a reborn parent,Noble man in life,An elder who cares a lot,Report in detail。 After Chen Limu listened to George’s report,There was a long-lasting happy expression on his face,Boast:“well!well done。”Then got up and moved slightly。 George follows,Waiting for Chen Limu to give directions,Help analyze theContinue Reading

“There are many rich people interested in acquiring the Browns,There are five or six,Respectively are……” Without waiting for Rosemary to finish,Chen Geng waved his hand:“Don’t tell me who they are,Just tell me who of these people is willing to pay the full amount。” Hear this question,Rosemary immediately said firmly:“No!not aContinue Reading

“I mean everyone here,All rubbish!Let’s go together。” Look around,Qin Feng stands with his hands,No longer converge,The strength of the human realm is like a raging fire in the night,Lit in midair! boom! Anyone who has practiced,Seeing Qin Feng at this time, I understand。 This person is not only a liar,OnContinue Reading

Zhu Zhengkang looked at Guo Enting and asked。 Guo Enting poured himself a cup of tea,Smeared lips,He didn’t drink it up like Zhu Zhengkang。 Done all this,Guo Enting looked at Zhu Zhengkang calmly,Speak slowly:“Did it all,Really impulsive,So there is nothing to regret!” Guo Enting looked at Zhu Zhengkang,I didn’t sayContinue Reading

Lu Menglin thought about this,I couldn’t help but twist again。 This broken gold cup finally stopped,Reach out a few hands,Helped Lu Menglin up,Push and shov,Push him forward。 Lu Menglin’s head is still covered,Can’t see,But the nose smelled a faint fishy smell。 “Over!Really came to the beach!This is the smell ofContinue Reading

The bones cannot withstand such a big impact,Burst。 In a blink of an eye,Wen Ye Shunji, Tier 5 Power Mutant,The most promising young powerhouse in the Toyo Self-Defense Force,Bleeding all over,The whole person is like a blood gourd。 The famous knife he treasured as his life“Zhan Lan”,Has broken into pieces,ThereContinue Reading

So Qiao Tianyu did not hesitate to be the first to call Cui Kai,“brothers,come on,The final charge is about to sound!” Qiao Tianyu’s whole plan is big enough,Qiao Tianyu alone is definitely not enough,So Qiao Tianyu must need the help of a capable person,Cui Kai,Naturally, Qiao Tianyu’s most trusted candidate!Continue Reading

Security personnel on site,Come around right away,Prevent accidents。After all, this is an emerald worth hundreds of millions,Anything can happen。 “Worked hard,Invite everyone to dinner later。”Xin Zhao told the security foreman。 “Thanks boss!this is what we are supposed to do。” After seeing Biaowang’s calcination process,Some talents start to disperse,Someone broke theContinue Reading