“Without further ado,let’s start!”Maosen waved his hand,Shout。 “Wait!”at this time,Lu Menglin finally spoke。 “You want to die?”Maosen grinned,A gloomy face。 Lu Menglin didn’t bother to care about him,But took out a pill from his arms,Into He Bu’s palm。 “Swallow this medicine,Keep you safe and sound。”Lu Menglin said with a smile。Continue Reading

In his opinion,Less than thirty seconds,This is the last moment he and Lu Menglin are in the world。That guy is right,Rather than being easily torn apart by that monster,It’s better to light this big firecracker that represents human force,Even if it can’t be killed,Listen,It’s good to be surprised。 Even ifContinue Reading

Hu Yang couldn’t help but chuckle,He is not racist,But I don’t like black people。but,Brother in front of you,The taste of China burst into my mouth,I feel a little bit good。 then,Can’t help but tease him:“Tell us about this gourd,Satisfied,We each buy one for you。” Black buddies’ eyes lit up,In fact,IContinue Reading

And it broke his business,And hurt his powerful brothers for no reason。 One of the brothers was even removed by him,I still stay in the hospital! The black bear sneered,This is really a narrow road to Yuanjia,He had been looking for the man who hurt his men before,But the ownerContinue Reading

Finished,Hu Yang took out the work he wrote last night。this time,He used all of Su Shi’s skills,After all, it’s for the elders,Have to work hard。 Yan Lao from the beginning,Not too concerned,Don’t think this young man is good at calligraphy。 After all, manpower is sometimes poor,Populus is already so goodContinue Reading

In fact,Many young talents who participated in the seed contest,They know that they are not likely to get the top ten spots,But they can be in this big team battle,Let go and kill,Plunder other people’s equipment,And also have a chance to be favored by rich people,Step into a different lifeContinue Reading

———— Chapter Three Hundred and Eighty I’m not interested in “Ha ha ha ha!”Lin Yuna just smiled,I won’t say anything anymore。 One more word with Liu Neng,Lin Yoona felt very helpless。 “Damn,I won’t say much about your Lin family,Let’s go back and talk about that investment!”Liu Neng said。 “OK,You say,IContinue Reading

The Emperor Qin of the Iron Qin Kingdom beat Zheng and suddenly raised his head,Glancing at Wu Hao with piercing eyes,There was a very complicated emotion in his eyes。 however,Winning Zheng just glanced at him,And then continue to eat。 As for the other heads,He didn’t even lift his head,The wayContinue Reading