Ten people who informally train yoga As the saying goes, the bear’s paw of Jia, the cream of B, and yoga are good, but not everyone can practice properly. If you are in poor health or have some diseases to practice yoga properly, then practicing will not only improve theContinue Reading

Nine ethics of pregnant yoga For pregnant women, yoga is a very good exercise, it can help you a lot, but remember to practice under the guidance of a professional teacher. Here are some specific instructions for pregnant women’s yoga, thanks also to the original author.   1.Improve sequential blood supplyContinue Reading

Chinese medicine prescription for low libido Prescription of Chinese Medicine (1)[Symptoms]Insufficient heart and spleen.   [Governing Law]Bupi warming the palace.   [Fang name]Chun Wen Tang.   [Composition]15 grams of ginseng, 15 grams of Morinda officinalis, 15 grams of Atractylodes, 15 grams of Eucommia, 9 grams of broken paper, 3 grams of cinnamon, 15Continue Reading

This exercise to lose weight without growing muscle If you want to run, you’ll be afraid of running into “radish legs”. If you want to play, you’ll be afraid of growing “fractured biceps.” Weight loss and bodybuilding, especially women, always face such worries. It is easy to lose a fewContinue Reading

Multiple myths about adding complementary foods to your baby According to research, there is no significant difference between the birth weight of children with hypertension and the increase in weight within 6 months from the estimated proportion of children, and the difference gradually increases after 6 months, mainly due toContinue Reading

_1 6 big killers for acne marks The most annoying thing about MM in summer is the stubborn acne marks. They make MM get puffs and layers. It is because they make MM face to face with “millennium face” every day! What about stubborn acne marks? Don’t just sit backContinue Reading

Yoga type 2 captures lower body obesity Recently, I always feel heavy in my lower body and have no strength. Whether at work or off work, I can lie down or sit, I can’t sit or stand . If nothing unexpected happens, I think this is the signal that theContinue Reading

Milk and honey help treat pediatric anemia The results of research by American scientists say that nectar replaced by milk is the ideal medicine to help treat anemia in children.   According to research data published by the Children’s Health Institute of New Jersey in the United States, children with anemiaContinue Reading

Use your story to change your baby’s personality Baby Beibei, who is frustrated with inspirational stories, keeps pouting when she returns home from kindergarten. When she asked, my mother knew that in the kindergarten drawing competition, other children got little red flowers, but he didn’t. In the face of theContinue Reading

11 daily routines good for your health Sometimes, health does not require big fanfare, a small action, a small thing can become an unexpected health catalyst, so the United States is beyond your imagination. . hzh{display:none;}  1、傻笑让血液循环增速21%  美国得克萨斯大学最新研究显示,那些看喜剧时由衷发笑的人,血液循环速度会增加21%,并且效果可以持续24小时之久。And when they watch serious documentaries, the blood circulation speed drops by 18%. “So, youContinue Reading