Pediatric Injury Food Therapy Recipe -Jellyfish Soup [Introduction]Children often have indigestion. This is because of food accumulation. Several dietary treatments for pediatric injuries are introduced, and parents can treat them symptomatically.   [Source]: “Handbook of Wang Shengyu”[Raw Materials]: 250 grams of jellyfish and 100 grams of jellyfish.   〖Make〗: Choose a large,Continue Reading

We must correct the child’s bad habits As they grow up, children will show more or less inappropriate behavior. If left unchecked, once these bad behavior habits become natural, they will certainly become the fetters of children’s growth. Therefore, parents should not ignore these little bad habits of their children,Continue Reading

Third choice A friend in the middle asked me if you had a heterosexual relationship outside the husband, what would you do? I would answer without thinking and I would show him a showdown. If I choose, I must give up her. My friend asked: Is it only the twoContinue Reading

Go under the eyes to keep the youth and youth Bags under the eyes have fundamentally affected the beauty of women’s appearance, and they are particularly susceptible to aging. The same 20-year-old girl has bigger and deeper bags under her eyes than she looks ten years older than those withoutContinue Reading

_1 Dry skin in winter and eat more VA In winter, many people’s hands and feet appear extremely dry. In severe cases, there will be many cracks of different depths, and even bleeding. This is the cracks in the hands and feet. Patients with chapped hands and feet have theContinue Reading

Workplace Tips In this job fair, the relevant person in charge of the City Talent Center predicted that at least 5 people will enter the job search, and how to improve the efficiency of job search in the job search army, the person in charge recommended that job seekers doContinue Reading