N tips for losing weight in autumn Autumn is the season with the most abundant fruit varieties, and fruit weight loss is also the first choice for many people! But it ‘s not that you will lose weight if you eat fruit casually. You still need to know some commonContinue Reading

_1 Eat soy to prevent four types of diseases Environmental estrogens are environmental chemicals with estrogen-like effects that mimic or interfere with the physiological and biochemical effects of natural estrogens. At present, environmental estrogens are mainly divided into five categories, of which phytoestrogens have been paid more and more attentionContinue Reading

Children are punished by teachers Today, I want to share with you, what should parents do if the child is physically punished by the teacher?   Mr. Wu’s daughter is four years old. In recent days, the child has been noisy from going to kindergarten. Upon questioning, the child told theContinue Reading

Five tips for working mothers One of the magic tricks: stay in touch with friends. Modern mothers must not use their own family and career development as a reason to close themselves in the small space of the family. They must use open eyes to accept themselves and the peopleContinue Reading

12 inferior milk powder manufacturers on the black list in 2004 Xinbao News (Reporter Ge Jisheng) The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine announced the “black list” of inferior milk powder manufacturers in 2004 before the Spring Festival, and 12 companies and their unqualified products were exposed. UnqualifiedContinue Reading

Women have to choose some kind of man Chinese women regard marriage endings as a symbol of happiness. Their pursuit of love and marriage has become increasingly clear. When they carefully selected their boyfriends at the beginning of love, they were eager to try and became many love codes inContinue Reading

Yoga two strokes shape body and shoulder line Many women think that their buttocks and buttocks muscle lines are not beautiful enough. Let’s practice the following three yoga moves together to help you reshape your shoulders and buttocks muscle lines to make you fit and fit.   * Kneeling lunge posture,Continue Reading

Full-time moms have problems with older children Poor self-care ability and low self-confidence. Boys are feminized. In order to better raise and educate children, more and more women choose to be “full-time moms.” Studies have shown that most “full-time moms” show too much concern for their children, and many haveContinue Reading

Let’s play together, baby Blackout! Let’s play together, baby It’s finally out of power, great! No, I don’t have a problem in my head, just because all the kids love blackouts! Children especially enjoy the novel experiences of large-scale power outages.   Hide and seek in the rare darkness, watch theContinue Reading