Women in the workplace, don’t be good girls In today’s workplace, women’s work ability and performance are definitely not worse than men’s. Not only do they have academic qualifications and skills, they even make contributions to work. However, even so, there are still very few women who can be promotedContinue Reading

Self-massage to lose weight Press the four-point weight loss massage method to lie down or sit, use the tip of the thumb to press on the upper jaw, the middle squat, the double Tianshu (that is, 2 inches around the umbilicus, one point on each side), on the various pointsContinue Reading

Recommendation: A blood ton porridge for women Guide: It is a woman, and it is inevitable that she will be patronized by “good friends” every month, and women are born smaller than men, and the monthly bleeding is really a loss of energy for women. Below, I will introduce toContinue Reading

More legumes are good for fetal brains Beans are important brain foods. If pregnant women can eat more legumes, it will be very beneficial to the fetus.   This is because soy contains 40% protein, which is the highest protein content in natural foods. Its amino acid composition is close toContinue Reading

How to clean the hair off the floor When cleaning the floor of the room, often wisps of hair are swept out, and sometimes it is difficult to completely remove them after sweeping many times, especially in some dead corners of hygiene, such as under the sofa, under the closetContinue Reading

Worrying quality of imported children’s products On the eve of “June 1st” in 2007, CCTV “Economic Information Broadcasting” broadcasted a special report of “AQSIQ: Worrying Quality of Imported Children’s Products” and announced the AQSIQ’s import of children’s bedding and children’s stationery.Results of special spot checks on four categories of products.Continue Reading

(Save well, see by one person) Flowers are poured, people are mad! (Save well, see by one person) If you feel sick for a week, you will find that money is not important, family and body are the most important; if you are sick for a month, you will findContinue Reading

Spring and summer alternate beauty In spring and summer, the air is dry and the skin is prone to lose its luster and elasticity due to lack of water. Here are specially designed for you who love beauty, all kinds of sweet and beautiful desserts, pleasing to the eye, youContinue Reading