5 habits of toilet hygiene The toilet is used every day, but with little attention, it can also be a source of disease.   Dr. Philip Terno of New York University pointed out that if the toilet lid is opened when flushing, the instantaneous cyclone in the toilet can bring bacteriaContinue Reading

Wintering nourishing principle Starting from the beginning of winter. The cold climate affects the body’s endocrine system to increase the body’s ability to withstand cold, thus causing excessive scattering of the body. Therefore, nutrition in the winter season should be based on increased heat. You can eat more lean meat,Continue Reading

Enter 3 traps that you don’t know Maybe you have been working hard to avoid high-conversion foods, trying to lose weight, and the weight is not falling or even getting higher and higher. In fact, in your usual fast food diet, there are hidden obesity traps that you can’t see.Continue Reading

The role of wine health care is difficult to determine “Drinking red wine can prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases”, this concept has gradually become popular, and there are more and more people drinking red wine on the table. Some people will make it a fashion taste, even as a dailyContinue Reading

Don’t call the glasses for the first time. If you are a “glasses”, you should pay attention when you call with your mobile phone!   Tests from the United States are said to indicate that the metal eyeglass frame will significantly increase the electromagnetic field and increase the user’s absorption ofContinue Reading