after all,His Ryz Cingsdra is a weak line,The other party’s Shanghongo also chooses to fight。 He fails to take it.,It is also something that there is no way.。 This lineup is disadvantageous,Also extended to the later group battle,This is also the biggest reason for his post-end stealth.。 Sigh, quietlyContinue Reading

Not too much reaction,The script is roughly the same as he thinks.。 “Do you know his strength??”Cooperative。 “Slightly clear,I deliberately came over last night.,It is found that the name of the mortems of the Qingma is found in the chess hospital.,He this year26age,18When I became a gave birth year,But itContinue Reading

“Just is an illusion,Still entered the array,Or, the Supreme Ring, with us.?” Summer looks like,Inquiry。 Summer is also silent,I don’t understand。 It is not a common man.,Soon, strong pressure。 Summer, just move,Asked at the same time,“Let’s go back to China,Take me to see that person?” “Can。” Xia Jiu Jing nod,Turning,“ButContinue Reading Then。The audience is quiet again.。 NS589chapter Bad on the stage。 Under lighting。 Zhou Millennium is like the elves generally quickly 琴,Face is intoxicated,Expressive。 “The woman under the mountain is the tiger,Meet it is going to avoid……Hey” Pronunciation Tutan is not very standard,With obvious Cantonese flavor…… but,Thousands of singing areContinue Reading

These three days,She is with her shelter,I have been swimming in major shopping districts。 Kneeling in the most prosperous location,Ask which strong people help her save brothers,We wish to exchange。 However,No waiting,But wait for a robber。 “Heaven……” Female tricks sitting on the hospital,Desperate sorrow。 …… Middle-aged people apparently got aContinue Reading

NS192chapter Dishie, he is a magic26 “what!he,He is the magic!” Population,I don’t know who shouted a sentence.。Everyone went to the stage。 Only see,Ripple,Ku Mingzi Miri Feiyang,That raised glorious face,More silky,That pair of hooks,At this time, it is a blood-like red-shaped red.! “Be a magic!Really magic!!” “what!Go away!Magic can manipulateContinue Reading

“Leave!” She is very calm。 …… May 1。 Getting up early in the morning.,His spirit of unlocking new progress,Pull open the curtains to see,The weather is as good as his mood。 Looking back, look at the bed, sleep, nanny.,Her neck has a slight kiss mark,If you don’t have unexpected, thereContinue Reading