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This is the first complaint by the wicked,Xia Jian couldn’t help it anymore,He grabbed Ouyang Hong in one step,Smiling and asking Wang Youcai:“Three young,It’s the man who picks the key points,Don’t fucking talk here,Be careful I kick you to death”Xia Jian made a kicking pose。 Seeing Wang Youcai,Two steps backContinue Reading

Original title: Focusing on positioning and maintaining a fixed force Promoting high -quality development Obtaining new results. (Reporter Yang Qi) Recently, Chen Jining, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and mayor, went to Huairou District to investigate economic and social development. He emphasized that Huairou District should focus onContinue Reading

Some are not typical,May be just pain,Not necessarily painful。 But no matter what to say,The waist slap pain is definitely a problem.。 Slapheartion is a way to check in the subject.,I didn’t have so many inspection equipment before.,This kind of physical examination is very necessary!Because it can quickly find problems,YouContinue Reading

Just keep the top of the branches。 Summer in hand,Override,Nodded again。 Spin,Turn around。 Going to Zhang Feifei et al.。 See him,Yunyi’s small mouth stands,And Zhang Feifei and others still stop the sound,There have been colors。 But very quickly,They have ridiculed one by one.。 “Trough,The buddies are still very fierce.,how?Want toContinue Reading

Li Po also retreated。 Summer taking the opportunity,“Li Po,Old willow……cough,What is going on??” Narrate。 Li Po is flashing,“You ask Li Wei……correct,Don’t tell him what I said.。” Summer is slightly nodded,Two people have missed,Soon, two old men have recently。 There are no outsiders here,Summer first, I saw a black andContinue Reading

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, March 13th (Chi Mengrui) Today, Beijing held a press conference of the new type of coronary virus pneumonia. Yang Beibei, deputy head of the People’s Government of Chaoyang District, introduced that as of 15:00 on March 13, 4 new cases were added to Chaoyang District. ChaoyangContinue Reading

Thousands of feathers have a soul stone,I took out the jade jade from the previous record.,After another operation,Say that there is no goodness,“Be。” “Thank you。” Summer road,“What is the rule of the game?。” Thousand feathers http://www.junhangshuangjin.cnslightly slow,Look at the Shenqi Qin Tian,Another eye,I don’t know what I thought.,嗤 嗤 出。Continue Reading