Shandong Jiaozhou: fix rural roads, the villagers get rich quick

  November 3 morning, Shandong Province Jiaozhou West Temple Street Village Diaoshi Ting Jing Lou, as usual, to get up early, go take care of his greenhouse tomatoes "Golden Peas."

  "Great Du wide and smooth road now completely changed. Repaired the road in order to get rich quick thing.

"Walk in the village renovated on a new asphalt road, Diaoshi Ting said Lou King Temple village famous for tomatoes, are goods in short supply on the market, he expanded the scale of this year, planted 25 acres, it is expected to yield up to 16 kilograms," good one the logistics fun, and more orders.

Although there are two months away from harvest, but now has a lot of orders. "Diaoshi Ting said Du big way, along with 11 villages, thanks to ten thousand villagers travel this road.

Lou Jing Xiu village party secretary Liang Shizhong said: "In the past narrow roads, plus disrepair, eliminate injustice.

To travel, picking season, tourists and businessmen are reluctant to come, the villagers only anxious. "One afternoon in May of this year, plastic West Highway Street Station Zhao Yonggang go to work, give the village brought good news – Jiaozhou transport sector carried out in the early ‘livelihood problems big investigation, I do practical things for the masses." activities, has established a ledger, large Du Road included in the remediation plan. hearing this news, Liang Shizhong repair immediately contacted the village party secretary of the village along the highway, the road to discuss the matter. "we agree to repair to fix, repair beautiful, clean and not only road, but also to regulate safety, ecological environment around more to keep harmony and strive to build a network of red playing calories. "Liang Shizhong repair said." I’ll go Jiaozhou Transportation Authority had to communicate, such as rural roads through several villages, community, scenic, eco-tourism should focus on playing a loop, promote the integration of the development of logistics, flow and information flow .

"Zhao Yonggang said," a look to build roads, the enthusiasm of village cadres and villagers suddenly come up, we work together and takeover of Proton. In just 30 days, a long kilometers of new roads will be presented in front of the villagers.

"During the renovation of the road, Jiaozhou City Transportation Bureau tissue engineering leadership team, quality inspection and supervision of three quality supervision, invite a third party to the construction quality inspection, construction materials must be inspected every advance, from the source to ensure that the" four good "Rural Roads construction quality.

  "Thirteen Five" period, Jiaozhou continuous investment of nearly $ 2 billion to more than 200 rural roads of the city was renovated, involving the city more than 500 village (community).

Meanwhile, the "four good" rural road information into the planning, design, construction, on major rural roads, bridges node, installed electronic capture of information transmission equipment at 125, at the off-site law enforcement system 7, an effective solution to the management of conservation lack of capacity and enhance transport security.

  "Our rural roads information technology, science, visualization rising standards of integrity rate has remained above 90%.

"Jiaozhou City Transportation Bureau Director Hao Qiang said, Lunar connected, rational layout, smooth convergence of the rural road network has become the revitalization of rural services and enhance important support and guarantee the quality of people travel," before the end of 2022, also install off-site law enforcement 15 system, the main road of non-rural scene law enforcement information network coverage. ".