In the end, it is also the default.。

Xu Laifu is naturally happy for such a thing.,After all, I can drink more and sink.,So how many things can be taken next to the secretary of the town committee。
“Subsets, I will stay with you in Lianhua Village.,Recently, many projects in the village are also beginning to get it.,After the village will definitely get better and better。”
“Haha old village head,You are self-selling.,But look still。”
Next,Xu Laifu is also a joke while smiling,I went around with Shen Tianzi.。
First of all, it is the homestay.。
Although Shen Tian Si also knows that Li Hui is going to get the home,But when you see alley,The street is a new time,He still feels surprised,Amazing speed。
In particular, I know that all the people in lotus village have rented out.,One day, I have broken 100,000, I am more envious.。
Because I have rented out,Xu Laifu also took Shen Tian Si casually looked at the place where Ye Shuangzhou lived.,I took the other side to the mountain field.。
Go to the mountain field,Shen Tian Si also saw the bottom of the house has begun to renovate。
And it is a row of solar power generation boards.。
Such new technology is equipped with a new house,The feeling of the first eye is that the eyes are bright.。
A pure,Shen Tian Si is completely excited about the development of Lianhua Village.。
Although these things he always know,But when you see it or give him a shocking feeling。
Li Hui is not to know that Shen Tian Si is still trying.,He directly found Liu Yanfeng and let the other party help to go to cooking tonight.。
Although his cooking is very good,However, he is more important thing.。
That is to accompany you.。
Day night,Li Hui Feng directly put the Ye Shuangzhou,Yang Li,Yang Tie and the installation of solar vife called together。
Everyone is very happy that night is very happy.,Shen Tiansi lived directly in Li with the wind here.。
As for others, they are shaking away.。
Liu Yanfeng saw that Li Hui Feng also drank a lot of wine.,The heart is also the opportunity to say that the other party is coming.。
Just when she saw that Li Hui Hui and Shen Tiansi slept in a house.,It is also not lost.。
On the evening,Liu Yanfeng thought a lot。
Among them, these years have their own dissatisfaction with your own.。
At the same time, Li Hui is good to her.。
And Li Hui is cultivated.。
He always feels that Shennong has not used it.,If you use it,Developing a village speed should be much faster。
The next morning,Li Hui also drank the mutton soup with Shen Tianxi,Then ride a motorcycle to send the other party back。
After teaching Xiaoping,,He went to Liu Xianjian and looked at it.。
Willow sweetly saw Li Hui Feng,Pretty face is also can’t help but red。