Xia Jian who didn’t reflect for a while,Reply to the message:“why?”

“Because there are all nuns on Mount Emei”end
what!This woman turned around and scolded him,Xia Jian is about to answer her words,The phone on the desk rang untimely。
“Hey!President Xia,Oh no,The earth-moving convoy is fighting,Situation is troublesome”Heiwa on the phone,Shouted anxiously。
First0227chapter Fight hard
Financial Center,Earthwork has been fully started,Large excavator,Pile driver,There are also big trucks that ran out to transport the earth,The scene is lively,Extremely chaotic。
Xia Jiangang jumped out of the car,Heiwa ran over anxiously,He gasped and said:“President Xia,Zhao Longlong’s people don’t let Beiwei Group transport earthwork abroad,They want to eat alone”
“Bastard,I can’t help him here“Xia Jian scolded,Walk in with Heiwa,Behind him,Follow Zhang Sangui、Fang Fang,Even Dragon Ball is here。
By the western wall just excavated in the financial center,Two groups of people holding possessions are facing each other,There are about forty or fifty people on both sides,Xia Jian could see from afar,On one side are the construction workers of Northway Group,They are wearing work clothes,Wearing a helmet,Hand-held shovel and wooden stick。
And the leader on the other side is Zhang Teng,By contrast,His people won’t work。All dressed casually,Different hair colors,Young man in a mess,At first glance。
Zhang Xinzheng, the engineering manager of the venture group, stands in the middle,He shouted loudly:“I see who of you dare to do it,If not return,Mr. Xialai,Let you disappear from here now“
But the two groups got on,Will not leave easily,Like an arrow on a bow,On the verge of,The situation is very bad now,If this really fights,Must die。
People haven’t arrived yet,Xia Jian shouted loudly:“Give me back“His voice resounds like thunder。
Zhang Teng saw that Xia Jian was here,He had to wave his hand,Which of his subordinates,I took a few steps back rather obediently,But the people in Beiwei Group are different,He didn’t move at all。
“Who is the leader,Stand up and speak“Xia Jianyi over,Just shouted at the people of Northway Group。
But who are raising their necks one by one,Ignore him at all,This makes Xia Jian very angry,He turned and shouted at Heiwa:“Notify Director Li here,Just say there are people here to make trouble,Catch them all“
“Good manager Xia“Heiwa said,Took out the phone。
At this moment,There was a commotion in the crowd of Northway Group,For more than 40 years,The man with an eye on his face came out,He shouted loudly:“Hold on,I’m Chen Dongmin, the person in charge here,Come to me“