“Oh!I forgot to call you when I was so excited。GZWhich promised,No problem。Guarantee tomorrow afternoon,One hundred million of funds arrived in the account”

When Xia Jian said this,,I spit out my tongue embarrassedly。Why has he forgotten such an important thing??Fortunately, where is Guan Tingna unable to see his expression。
Guan Tingna snorted coldly on the phone:“With beauties,Of course you can’t remember calling me back。But let me remind you,Tomorrow evening you will rush into the city,Let’s drive to the provincial capital Dongsheng Group at night,Be caught off guard”
“Ok,You arrange this,You decide who will go”
Xia Jian said,So I pushed everything to Guan Tingna,He is now a hand-scraper。
Guan Tingna thought for a while and said:“Me and you,Bring Chen Lan,Because it’s about signing a transfer。It’s not convenient when there are too many people,Just the three of us?”
“Let’s pay Li Yue back!She can drive,If something small happens at a critical time,I don’t have to do it myself,It should be settled by giving it to her。Do you think?”
Xia Jian said,So I solicited Guan Tingna’s opinion。
Guan Tingna thought about it:“Ok!Still drive my car,You come up early,Wait outside the city until dark to come in,Remember to keep up,Chen Lan and I bring related things,Let’s leave as soon as we get in the car”
“it is good!Hotel do not rush to book first,Wait until we arrive。Since it is confidential,Then we will be foolproof。That’s it,You have to tell Chen Lan about this in advance,Let her prepare in advance,After all she is a person with children”
Xia Jian considers the problem,Always very comprehensive。
When hung up,Zhao Chunling has made up。She smiled and said:“You are tired enough,It seems that being a boss is not a good thing”
“Hey!Things in this world are like this,Nothing to do。Each has its own difficulties,I think it’s only good to be a farmer,I don’t have so many troubles”
Xia Jian said,Lie down on the bed,I closed my eyes。Tell the truth,He really wants to sleep at this time。Zhao Chunling is cooking,I want to say a few words to Xia Jian,Can turn around,I heard Xia Jian snoring。
So as not to wake him up,Zhao Chunling didn’t move him,It’s just a thin blanket on Xia Jian’s body。When Xia Jian opened his eyes,Zhao Chunling’s noodles are already on the table。
I haven’t eaten handmade noodles for a long time,Xia Jian saw that Zhao Chunling’s noodles were done well,He ate two bowls in one go。As soon as he finishes eating,And said to Zhao Chunling:“thank!I go first”
When Zhao Chunling catches up to the door,Xia Jian got into the car。Zhao Chunling looked at this Xia Jian,I just shook my head helplessly,She didn’t say a word。
When Xia Jian drove back to the hotel,,Bai Li who went out to work hasn’t come back yet,He parked the car and went upstairs。Thinking about tomorrow night and don’t sleep well,When Xia Jian was about to sleep,He suddenly remembered,Time to call Ma Yan。
Thought of here,Xia Jian hurriedly took out his mobile phone and called Ma Yan。It took a long time for Ma Yan to answer the call。Ma Yan on the phone panted and asked:“What’s the matter?”
“Damn!What can do,I’ll just call you to ask okay?Why did it take so long to answer the phone?,Isn’t it asleep?!”