I wish Minglang aside,Just touching my chin,I also make a look like I’m looking for a ghost。

but,Zhu Minglang noticed a detail,That is, there is a very weak demon in this room。
Life in the world is flexible for a long time, it is easy to become a ghost,Mulong Master is very sensitive to this smell,Zhu Minglang observes again,Found the corner of Miss Xiangguo’s room,Put a pot of cat food。
“Miss,Don’t you have a cat?”Zhu Minglang pointed to the bonsai,A few cat hairs scattered,Then he pointed to the cat food bowl。
“Yes,But the cat I keep has black pupils,And it never called。”Miss Xiangguo said。
“Your cat,Finished。”Zhu Minglang said with certainty。
“how is this possible!”Miss Xiangguo said。
“It knows that its children were poisoned to death by your poison,So I have been torturing you。”Yin Ling Master Zhi Rou also said。
Miss Xiangguo’s face also changed,She looked around,I want to find a flower cat I have raised for many years,But this tabby cat does not know where it is now,As if smelling something dangerous and hiding。
“We will help you deal with this cat,Your problem should be solved。”Zhu Minglang said。
“No way!”Miss Xiangguo panicked。
“It has been with me for ten years,No, no,I don’t need you anymore,You leave。”Miss Xiangguo’s tone changed。
May Minglang be more speechless。
Miss Xiangguo,The inner distortion is too serious。
She even dared to kill her lover,A cat that has become fine has compassion?