Before Lu Liang had a clear attitude,Duan Xiuying should still advance and retreat with his girlfriends,Lu Xin’s anxious voice reached her ears,Sigh slightly,Don’t run her,Took a glass of champagne,Take a sip to moisturize your throat,Narrate the news slowly,“That woman’s last name is Yang,Your Yun and brother said they were his girlfriends,As for who she is,Don’t need me to say。”

Duan Xiuying accompanied her mother to the banquet,Came a bit late,As soon as I entered the hall, I saw many people gathered around,Get curious,Also take a look,This looks amazing,Take a photo to Lu Xin immediately,Inform her。
as expected,Lu Xin is angry,Cut off by half-sister,How can she bear this breath?That pretty little face,It’s so hideous at the moment,“Xiuying,on my way,You come out to pick me up later。”
Lu Xin hung up and changed clothes immediately,I picked up my handbag and ran out quickly,It’s a coincidence,Meet Lu Liang again,I saw her panicking,Frown,“What are you doing?”
If it is usually,She’ll be scared if her brother is cold,But now,Her mind is full of pictures of Lu Yao’s little bird accompanying Huo Yun and her,Full of angry flames,I didn’t hear what brother said。
Brushed his shoulder and ran down the stairs,I got on the newest sports car I just bought,Heavy pedal,A superb sports car rushes out like an arrow,Disappeared soon。
Ignored by my sister,Lu Liang was a little startled,Xinxin is usually nice,Never lose your temper in front of yourself,what is it today?What’s the excitement?
Mother is not at home,Grandparents watching TV in the room,She didn’t have the guts to provoke her,The huge house is quiet,Why is she unhappy?
Thought for a while,Take out the phone and call Duan Xiuying,The simple and straightforward question made Xiuying a little unhappy,“Lu Liang,you call me,Just for Xinxin?”
Picked by girlfriend,Lu Liang is a bit speechless,After all, with their current relationship,Shouldn’t talk to her in this questioning tone,“Sorry,Xiuying,Xinxin ran out angrily just now,I’m afraid she has something,So the tone is a bit aggressive,Don’t you mind,Go shopping with you tomorrow,I’ll buy you what is in the photo,When I am sorry, OK??”
Lu Liang is a busy man,Rarely rest,And don’t have much time to spend with her,Every date is in a hurry,Let alone shopping that disgusts most men。
This time he offered to date,Of course she accepted。
“A handbag when my mother and I were shopping,Price is a bit expensive,Will you send me?”
“no problem!”Lu Liang agreed,What is a bag?As long as your girlfriend likes it!
Boyfriend so happy,The dissatisfaction on Duan Xiuying’s face is gone,“I still have a pair of shoes,And that bag is a series,very beautiful,Mom forbids me to buy,Said I had no chance to wear it。”
“It’s ok,We wear on a date,with me,No one will think you are corrupt。”
Man what’s wrong?Not only easy to talk,Still good-natured,It’s so happy!
“Xiuying,Your boyfriend meets all your requirements,Things boyfriend wants to know.”