5 TCM Recommended Breast Enhancements

5 TCM Recommended Breast Enhancements

Traditional Chinese medicine diet is a very popular method of breast enhancement because it is not only nutritious and healthy, but also breast enhancement, and there is no need to worry about any alternatives.

Therefore, many MMs have begun to use the method of taking medicated breasts to solve breast troubles.

Would you like to know if there is any Chinese medicine for breast enhancement?

Then look down, here is a small beauty editor of traditional Chinese medicine to introduce you to five Chinese medicine breast enhancement medicated diet.

  The first section of Chinese medicine breast enhancement medicated diet: 500 grams of anchovy schisandra soup, 500 grams of schisandrae, washed schisandra, boiled water to remove residue, and then put the anchovy into schisandra soup and cook it.

Fish is rich in protein, and boiled together with Chinese medicine Schisandra has the effect of breast enhancement. It is a medicated diet for many MMs who want breast enhancement.

  Chinese medicine breast enhancement medicated diet second section: pigtail lotus seed red date soup pigtail 1, 8 red dates, lotus seeds 100g, spring onion, ginger, cooking wine each amount, hot pig tail in boiling water to fishy, add water and spring onion, ginger, cooking wineBoil about 1500 ml of soup, add red dates, lotus seeds, and cook for another half an hour on low heat. Add seasonings and eat immediately.

  Jujube is a great product for women’s beauty and beauty. Cooking with pig’s tail has the effect of breast enhancement and beauty.

  Chinese medicine breast enhancement medicated diet third paragraph: Guiqi chicken soup angelica 10 grams, astragalus 20 grams, 1 chicken leg, washed and cut into pieces, put in water, boil over high heat, add astragalus, stew until 7 minutes cooked, putAdd angelica, cook for about 5 minutes, and add some salt.

  Chinese medicine breast enhancement medicated section 4: Angelica carp soup angelica, 15 grams each of Baiji and Astragalus, 10 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 5 jujubes, 1 carp (about 600 grams), wash the Chinese angelica, Baiji, Astragalus and Chinese wolfberry; Chinese datesAfter the carp is killed, go to the intestines, add the right amount of water, cook together in the pot until the carp is cooked, add salt, MSG to taste, drink soup and eat carp meat.

  The fifth paragraph of traditional Chinese medicine breast enhancement medicinal diet: Coix kernel porridge Coix kernel 150 grams, rice 250 grams, the coix kernel, rice are washed out, as usual, boil porridge, you can add some white sugar or brown sugar.

  In fact, there are many breast enhancement foods. Although the effect is not immediate, it is still effective.

MMs who want breast enhancement do not actually need to go to the plastic surgery hospital for breast augmentation surgery. Usually, eating more of these foods may achieve unexpected results.

Chinese medicine beauty experts said that medicated diet is often the healthiest and safest breast enhancement technique, which can not only achieve the effect of breast enhancement, but also the effect of beauty.