———— First1169chapter Hooked up Chen Geng smiled and looked at Toyota Eiji whose face changed greatly,Step by step:“Mr. Eiji,Ohio、Utah will probably support you,But do you think the state that supports you can have10A?” 10A? Toyoda Eiji smiled bitterly:What a joke?Don’t say10A,Among all states in the United States,can have5It’s a shameContinue Reading

The police immediately laughed。 The lawyer laughed too。 “We support credit card and check here。”The policeman on bail said with a smile。 “Ok……” Downer·Babbitt hesitated,Still decided to swipe the card。 Although she has never been to a prison or detention center,But there is no beautification of detention centers in AmericanContinue Reading

“There are many rich people interested in acquiring the Browns,There are five or six,Respectively are……” Without waiting for Rosemary to finish,Chen Geng waved his hand:“Don’t tell me who they are,Just tell me who of these people is willing to pay the full amount。” Hear this question,Rosemary immediately said firmly:“No!not aContinue Reading

The guy who can use this giant weapon,Know without thinking,Must have terrible arms and extremely terrifying lethality。 “Good knife!”Tu Shanming was all over,Grinned。 “come on!Good guy!Your head is worth collecting!”Lu Feng’s body’s light lines exploded at the same time,Wielding a huge ghost sword,Rushed towards Tu Shanming like a gust ofContinue Reading

———— Chapter Three Hundred and Eighty I’m not interested in “Ha ha ha ha!”Lin Yuna just smiled,I won’t say anything anymore。 One more word with Liu Neng,Lin Yoona felt very helpless。 “Damn,I won’t say much about your Lin family,Let’s go back and talk about that investment!”Liu Neng said。 “OK,You say,IContinue Reading

The Emperor Qin of the Iron Qin Kingdom beat Zheng and suddenly raised his head,Glancing at Wu Hao with piercing eyes,There was a very complicated emotion in his eyes。 however,Winning Zheng just glanced at him,And then continue to eat。 As for the other heads,He didn’t even lift his head,The wayContinue Reading

The FIBA first-level part of the three-person basketball game, the Chinese men’s and women’s team training opportunities are reduced On March 5th, the FIBA official announced that due to the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the three-person basketball qualifiers originally scheduled for March 18th and 22nd in Bangalore,Continue Reading

[Bacon Bibimbap]_Bibimbap_How to make_How to make Bibimbap originated from South Korea and gradually introduced “Han Chao” into China, which was soon accepted by fresh people. There is no special difference in the ingredients required for the bibimbap, but the ingredients are placed in the bibimbap and grilled in the oven.Continue Reading

[Chocolate Qifeng cake 8-inch practice]_ Chocolate Qifeng cake 8-inch common practice _ Chocolate Qifeng cake 8-inch practice Daquan _ chocolate Qifeng cake 8-inch how to make We usually do not have to eat any mountain and sea food to get the nutrition we need. There are some ingredients that canContinue Reading