He handed his own fire to the opponent:“Taken nearby。” That is a fire,Riding Ma Feichi and passing the bridge,Subsequent,He finally saw clearly stopped his own,what exactly is it。 A row of abandoned“Box”,There are hundreds of quantities,In this way, it is strictly configurable about the other corridor.! This scout is alsoContinue Reading

Compared with the overall project,Just get rid of a person in charge who is not optimistic about the project,Instead of taking away the whole team,The problem is not too big。If there is enough time,Sundar will definitely keep him affectionately。 “Of course I know the process,Then I don’t have to participateContinue Reading

Qin Honghua is going to take a daughter.“Tianzhi justice”of,Just Chu Deiren,It is dedicated to her some can’t understand.。 Before this,She thought of Chu Deiren saw her daughter,May explain、May hide,It may even be like the same thing,What is the face?“Monozo,Ghost”Words,Let’s cheat her daughter.…… kindness,The old lady can go to this,But theContinue Reading

Old Xiao in the living room,I saw Xia Jian,Stood up surprised,He asked softly:“What’s wrong with you?“ Li Xiaolu who is cleaning the glass,Hurriedly stopped his work,Too surprised。Xia Jian in their eyes,But never before。abjection,Godless,helpless,Empty eyes,There are almost no words to describe his unbearable。 Li Xiaolu under the sign of Old Xiao,QuietlyContinue Reading

Jin Yimei said in a very harsh tone。 At this moment,Heiwa walked in with Zhang Teng who resisted demolition。Zhang Teng looked at Xia Jian’s arms with bandages,This bloody man was instantly on fire。He whispered:“President Xia!This thing is endless,Even if I Zhang Teng go in again,I want to avenge you” “AllContinue Reading

Jingpu thinks it might have been too long,Spoiled,Thought of here,Jingpu is a little lamented,It seems that mortal people in this continent have a hard life,Not willing to eat a single sugar,So long,All broken。 And You He is completely stupid now,Do not……impossible!! Absolutely impossible!! How could this person have nothing toContinue Reading

———— First1169chapter Hooked up Chen Geng smiled and looked at Toyota Eiji whose face changed greatly,Step by step:“Mr. Eiji,Ohio、Utah will probably support you,But do you think the state that supports you can have10A?” 10A? Toyoda Eiji smiled bitterly:What a joke?Don’t say10A,Among all states in the United States,can have5It’s a shameContinue Reading

The police immediately laughed。 The lawyer laughed too。 “We support credit card and check here。”The policeman on bail said with a smile。 “Ok……” Downer·Babbitt hesitated,Still decided to swipe the card。 Although she has never been to a prison or detention center,But there is no beautification of detention centers in AmericanContinue Reading

“There are many rich people interested in acquiring the Browns,There are five or six,Respectively are……” Without waiting for Rosemary to finish,Chen Geng waved his hand:“Don’t tell me who they are,Just tell me who of these people is willing to pay the full amount。” Hear this question,Rosemary immediately said firmly:“No!not aContinue Reading