The FIBA first-level part of the three-person basketball game, the Chinese men’s and women’s team training opportunities are reduced On March 5th, the FIBA official announced that due to the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the three-person basketball qualifiers originally scheduled for March 18th and 22nd in Bangalore,Continue Reading

[Bacon Bibimbap]_Bibimbap_How to make_How to make Bibimbap originated from South Korea and gradually introduced “Han Chao” into China, which was soon accepted by fresh people. There is no special difference in the ingredients required for the bibimbap, but the ingredients are placed in the bibimbap and grilled in the oven.Continue Reading

[Chocolate Qifeng cake 8-inch practice]_ Chocolate Qifeng cake 8-inch common practice _ Chocolate Qifeng cake 8-inch practice Daquan _ chocolate Qifeng cake 8-inch how to make We usually do not have to eat any mountain and sea food to get the nutrition we need. There are some ingredients that canContinue Reading

Tianqi Lithium (002466) Annual Report Comments: The performance growth is good, and it is expected to benefit from industry clearing The company’s performance grew steadily in 2018, and net profit attributable to mothers reached 2.2 billion (YOY + 2). 57%) The company released its 2018 annual report: operating income inContinue Reading

Multiple myths about adding complementary foods to your baby According to research, there is no significant difference between the birth weight of children with hypertension and the increase in weight within 6 months from the estimated proportion of children, and the difference gradually increases after 6 months, mainly due toContinue Reading

11 daily routines good for your health Sometimes, health does not require big fanfare, a small action, a small thing can become an unexpected health catalyst, so the United States is beyond your imagination. . hzh{display:none;}  1、傻笑让血液循环增速21%  美国得克萨斯大学最新研究显示,那些看喜剧时由衷发笑的人,血液循环速度会增加21%,并且效果可以持续24小时之久。And when they watch serious documentaries, the blood circulation speed drops by 18%. “So, youContinue Reading

N tips for losing weight in autumn Autumn is the season with the most abundant fruit varieties, and fruit weight loss is also the first choice for many people! But it ‘s not that you will lose weight if you eat fruit casually. You still need to know some commonContinue Reading

Third choice A friend in the middle asked me if you had a heterosexual relationship outside the husband, what would you do? I would answer without thinking and I would show him a showdown. If I choose, I must give up her. My friend asked: Is it only the twoContinue Reading