“Stinky boy,Give me out。” “Second brother,Waste so much words? Going out directly, I can’t get the little child.。” Just finished this,Li Hui also took the initiative to go out.,Just just out,He is a gloomy。 These few people actually squirmed his motorcycle.。 Chapter 710, Yao Huai Li “who is it? GiveContinue Reading

“Too much noise,The technique of these beetles is not good,If you are on the battlefield,How concealed like this?”Guo Yinzhe covered his ears and said。 same,Zhang Song, who covered his ears, smiled:“Boss Guo,sure!Good for you!Can actually fix the circuit board in the task,So in the future, if the game cabin andContinue Reading

After a series of violent booms,The surrounding scenery and space began to collapse like rain,Shura Secret Realm is like the end,A big hand suddenly appeared in the sky,Facing Li Tianzhen, he grabbed it,Li Tianzhi,I want to change my direction,But not as fast as that hand,Black in front,Was held upright byContinue Reading

Leo, who slapped the face of the world government, was saved by the Warring States Period,Leo paid a small price。 “Leo is here,Sit down!” In a group of generals、In front of the Lieutenant General,Of course this junior can only sit at the back。 But you can tell from the attitudeContinue Reading

and,Why let yourself be involved,In terms of identity,I’m still a good student in How to Train Your Dragon Academy! “Person in the academy,It’s all here,Dean is away,I’ll be hosted by Bai Hongbo。”Baihongbo took a look and wished Minglang,Although there are some doubts,But still didn’t care about it。 Mr. Wu alsoContinue Reading

Suddenly,Zhao Feng only felt his whole body erect,Goose bumps inexplicably,The body squats almost subconsciously,Whole person on all fours、Sinking weight,Before he could react,Push the ground hard,Makes itself jump quickly towards the side of the road! Zhao Feng’s body jumped up and has not landed,I have seen it in my vision:Truck comingContinue Reading

Zhu Zhengkang looked at Guo Enting and asked。 Guo Enting poured himself a cup of tea,Smeared lips,He didn’t drink it up like Zhu Zhengkang。 Done all this,Guo Enting looked at Zhu Zhengkang calmly,Speak slowly:“Did it all,Really impulsive,So there is nothing to regret!” Guo Enting looked at Zhu Zhengkang,I didn’t sayContinue Reading