Which people after eating,Get up and go,The boss chased it out,Said with a smile:“boss,Should you settle the bill?” “Hurry up,Let’s go together next time!”Out of four,Someone left a sentence without looking back。 Looked far away,The boss scolded:“I want dozens of dollars to fall back,I really lost my ancestors” Big ThousandContinue Reading

Xia Jian added:“be quick”Finished,Hung up。 Qin Xiaomin glanced at Xia Jian and said:“Actually you don’t need to know the inside story,As long as you do your job well。Know too much,Heart tired,And it’s not good for you” Qin Xiaomin finally said what she was saying。Xia Jian never thought,Things in this officialdom,FarContinue Reading

With a yearning for advanced magic,Wright fell into a deep sleep。 ———— Chapter Twenty Seven What is magic? Next day,Wright got up early,Had breakfast,Taking advantage of the time the college opens in the morning,Left the college,Got on the early coach to the imperial capital。 No. 31, Heishui Street, West District,Continue Reading

Two words from Xia Sanhu,Not just talking about Chen Erniu,Even Xia Jian laughed。 To Zhao Hong’s grave,Everyone fumbled in the dark and lit the candle,Then one lighted up seven or eight。Chen Erniu inserted these burning candles around the cemetery.。This candle lit up,The scenery on the cemetery is suddenly visible。 XiaContinue Reading

“Tomorrow day three,He Jinglai is on duty?You don’t mean let me send you off!This is fine,But what do you say when i went?”Wang Youcai lowered his voice and said。 Julan nodded and said:“It’s definitely not easy to ride in a New Year’s car,Besides, there are more than ten miles fromContinue Reading

Xia Jian took a breath,He also knew,Want to get married,It’s best to find a woman like Wang Lin,But his current messy relationship between men and women,He is not easy to decide。 “Take me out in the afternoon,I don’t come to this place much,The change is also quite big。Let’s have aContinue Reading

For the same item,It cannot be completely uniform,Have a hard position,Nature also has weaknesses。 Identify weak links,Also sharp。 “Mundane,Be a butcher for a long time,Somewhat spiritual,can also‘Pao Ding Jie Niu’!” “but,Ordinary speed of thinking,Only practice makes perfect。” “The speed of my soul,Billions of times faster than the real ordinary。Comprehend theContinue Reading

Tong Jie saw that Xia Jian was back,He closed the door of his office and said:“Boss!I heard you are on the news again?What exactly is going on?Why is your appearance rate so high?” Xia Jian sat down first,Then he smiled and asked:“What exactly is going on,I don’t understand what youContinue Reading

Real Dragon smiled at Xia Chenglong,I nodded in satisfaction at the time:“Not bad,Really good,Now he has actually broken through the concentrating state,If you join this time,We should have hope in Dahua!” There was a little excitement in the tone of the real dragon,You can see him like this in XiachengContinue Reading