Beijing intensifies its support to foreign financial institutions, and the Bridgewater Fund and others participate in the pilot Sauna Night News March 31, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Finance issued a document saying that Beijing has always been a hot spot for domestic and foreign equity investment industries, gathering manyContinue Reading

[Encyclopedia of cold shrimp prawns]_How to do_How to do Many people are very concerned about some of their physical changes in their lives. Some bodies have recently suffered from calcium deficiency and certain elements. They can be supplemented in the diet, so that they do not have to worry aboutContinue Reading

CNOOC Engineering (600583): The recovery is on the way; there is no need to over-bundle a single new domestic single-penetration pile in a single season 1Q19’s performance was in line with expectations. In the first quarter of the year, CNOOC’s 19 operating income increased by 43% to 17. 9.4 billion;Continue Reading

Ganfeng Lithium (002460): Proposed to invest in lithium clay to raise lithium and participate in the third type of lithium resources Event: The company intends to make a strategic investment in the lithium clay lithium extraction project announced that it intends to make strategic investments in Bacanora, including plans toContinue Reading

Women’s Dysmenorrhea Diet Dysmenorrhea refers to the occurrence of paroxysmal lower abdominal pain in women during or after menstruation, which affects daily life and workers. There is a distinction between primary and secondary. Those with menstrual cramps who have abdominal pain are primary dysmenorrhea. They are more common in unmarriedContinue Reading

_1 Eat soy to prevent four types of diseases Environmental estrogens are environmental chemicals with estrogen-like effects that mimic or interfere with the physiological and biochemical effects of natural estrogens. At present, environmental estrogens are mainly divided into five categories, of which phytoestrogens have been paid more and more attentionContinue Reading

Self-massage to lose weight Press the four-point weight loss massage method to lie down or sit, use the tip of the thumb to press on the upper jaw, the middle squat, the double Tianshu (that is, 2 inches around the umbilicus, one point on each side), on the various pointsContinue Reading