Luo Yi and which older person sat and chatted together,Xia Jian sorry to interrupt,But he can understand。The old man has been looking good。 About half an hour later,Xia Jian received a call from Luo Jun。Luo Jun on the phone said with a smile:“Appraisal by several experts in our group,Your babyContinue Reading

“Demon!!” Jin-winged Dapeng is scared,I didn’t think that the bat is the iron.,However, didn’t wait for him,There is a pole king,Three steel fork,Before the yellow teeth in the wide sword,The danger is dangerous。 “Brother,Calm!” Niu Deyan is full of sweat:“Not to make this small matter,In case I am involved inContinue Reading

Wang Lin’s words are very clever,It can be said to be round,No one can sin。But she ranked Xia Jian and Xiao Xiao,suffice it to say,In her mind,Xia Jian is the real boss。 Others can’t tell,But Xia Jianneng,Maybe Xiao Xiao can too。This is definitely not Wang Lin’s carelessness,But intentionally or deliberately。Continue Reading

So he got up,Walked in front of another girl。as expected,The girl stood up,I also gave Xia Jian some advice very seriously。Although what she said,Xia Jian couldn’t understand a word,But Xia Jian can understand her way of typing。 One morning,Xia Jian ran back and forth in front of three computers。This makesContinue Reading

Things that seem incredible,In fact, there are deep reasons behind,From the instructor,After the accident at the Fukuyama base,Li Tianzhen’s serum sample should have been leaked,After that,Walkers made a blockbuster in Operation Southern Yunnan,Turning things around by himself,It’s impossible not to be targeted,If it wasn’t for him to fight his lifeContinue Reading

Ma Yan glanced at Xia Jian’s face,Whispered:“If you don’t want this kid,Then I will listen to you。I won’t drag you down,I know you are not ready to be a dad” “Stop thinking,Since it’s here,Then we accept。First time encounter such a thing,Inevitably will be a little overwhelmed,Get used to it”Xia JianContinue Reading

Zhu Minglang still has a good impression of the young city owner,Neither humble nor overbearing in the face of Dragon Mu,State things in an orderly manner,I even thought of the harm caused by rain at night…… just,See this full reservoir,See the tightly locked gate,I saw the pitiful little water springContinue Reading

“This.” Manager Pei Yuan can’t handle this kind of thing obviously,I was scared even when I heard Qin Feng’s words。Are there any people in the capital who dare to steel their company boss these days?? “Wait a moment!” Finished,Bae Yuanqi calls the cell phone. ———— Chapter Two Hundred and TwentyContinue Reading

…… Hu Yang read everyone’s speech,Can’t help but smile:“right now,There is not much gold silk jade。If ten years ago,One person can pick up a thousand catties on the Gobi Desert。” Hua Zi and others couldn’t help but stare,Nima!A thousand catties? If I pick it up then,Put it now,This is aContinue Reading