Zhu Huiwei also turned around now,Palm qi,The whole palm is like a sharp sword,Towards the hidden weapon。 “clang!”Bang,Hidden weapon dropped to the ground,Zhu Huiwei’s palm is also full of green blood。 ———— 803 Golden bell Chen Xiu stared at it,I saw that the hidden weapon shot down by Zhu HuiweiContinue Reading

“You are right to think so,President Xia, your money,But let you spend it,Moreover,Is he short of this money?No shortage,He gave you only a small part of it,He kept Dashu“Ouyang Hong said with a smile。 Xia Zecheng shook his head,I don’t want to believe it:“impossible!This kid was not like this before,EarnContinue Reading

Pure Sun,That is, the great formation of the pure and true immortal level。 So big,Even if Li Ming cracks it, it takes a lot of time。 Two days、Three days。。 Li Ming breaks the formation,And the black and white can only watch,It’s not that she doesn’t understand the formation,But compared toContinue Reading

Amusement is not pleased。 “My son, I just don’t know what should I say.。” Demertion,After the captive surrender,Gao Baoyi,All said。For example, how is Gao Boyi proposed?“Ten kill”,How to play“Publicial review”Such as。 Listening to the gold cold sweat,Even this book is warm in the spring,Also let him feel the cold。 AContinue Reading

“Get moving!already……Running out of time。”Yu Zhe’s consciousness is resisting,Even though he doesn’t know if this will work,But he must try。 at last,Yu Zhe succeeded。 At first it was just the eyes,Then the whole head,Next is the neck and shoulders……As Yu Zhe can control more and more parts,Finally a glimmer ofContinue Reading

Today’s situation doesn’t need him to show up anyway,All he wants is to see with his own eyes the world’s first quantum computer that has been fascinated,Then make a most accurate assessment of the current progress of Yuxin Technology in my heart。 However, what surprised him was,Wang Yufei personally receivedContinue Reading

“how about it?Is everything going well”Xia Jian asked as soon as he walked in。 Ma Chuntao smiled and said:“smoothly,We have already loaned 200,000 yuan to Mr. Guo。There will be every month from now on,And it will speed up the repayment” “it is good!You are right to think like this,Do youContinue Reading

Ok!Have a story? The audience in the live broadcast room was as surprised as Brother Hu,Never expected,The cultural relics consultant of such a big museum,She is a girl in her early twenties,not00The girl behind? “Hello there!I am Ye Xin,Cultural Relic Advisor of Provincial Museum,Nice to meet you today!”Ye Xin reachedContinue Reading