[Efficacy of ginger teeth]_Function_Effect Ginger buds are not only top-grade condiments, they are ginger, and they have the same taste and health benefits as ginger. Because of this, in real life, many people like to use ginger teeth as a supplement for cooking. Adding ginger teeth to dishes has theContinue Reading

Wangneng Environment (002034) Comment: 67% increase in performance, rapid incineration of waste incineration projects Event: On August 14, the company announced the 2019 semi-annual report. Realized operating income during the reporting period5. 68 ppm, an increase of 49 in ten years. 46%; net profit attributable to mother 2. 07 millionContinue Reading

Hengshun Vinegar (600305) 2018 Annual Report Comment: The performance was slightly higher than expected. The 18Q4 channel inventory control is the main reason I. Overview of the event Hengshun Vinegar released the 2018 annual report, and the company achieved total operating income in 201816. 94 ppm, a ten-year increase ofContinue Reading

Placco (603566): Sales of pig vaccines under pressure Net profit attributable to mothers for ten years in 201818. 77% of the results are in line with expectations Placco announced 2018 results: revenue 6. 08 thousand yuan, ten years +14. 75%; net profit attributable to mother 1. 36 trillion, ten yearsContinue Reading

The practice of moisturizing antipruritic porridge Preparation materials for emollient and antipruritic porridge: Main ingredients: Shouwu 5 money, lily 3 money, ginkgo 2 money, Huang Jing 5 money, red dates 10, stem rice (flour rice) 1 cup, honey amount (For 4-5 days).   Features of emollient and antipruritic porridge: nourishing bloodContinue Reading

12 inferior milk powder manufacturers on the black list in 2004 Xinbao News (Reporter Ge Jisheng) The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine announced the “black list” of inferior milk powder manufacturers in 2004 before the Spring Festival, and 12 companies and their unqualified products were exposed. UnqualifiedContinue Reading