If you can guarantee that Leo can be killed under the outbreak,,He will break out。 It’s just a temporary chase,He won’t come up and blow up。 800 meters away,Leo looks at Raleigh:“I said that,Hades Raleigh,you’re old,Too slow!” Raleigh listened to Leo,Don’t speak,Just speed up to catch up。 but,Three seconds,He justContinue Reading

“Liu Shao,Didn’t we say yes,You lead Li Tianzhang away,I’ll pick sapphire flowers。Now why do you bring him to attack me。Oh,I understand,You want to eat black!” “Nonsense,When did I let you pick sapphire flowers!” Liu Yibai knew Chen Xiu was going to provoke divorce,Originally, his cooperation with Li Tianzhang was onlyContinue Reading

Thinking about,Lingxi finished her practice and returned to the courtyard,The breath that came out seemed to have arrivedCPinnacle,It’s not far from Level 2。 “master,What’s wrong with you?”Lingxi’s crisp voice came,Qu Anlie immediately switched to the smiling state“Hehe,Nothing,Lingxi,I want to tell you something as a teacher” Thought for a long time,QuContinue Reading

“I do not care,You only know Mr. Xia,Don’t know the mayor Xia”Xi Zhen deliberately hangs on,She seems to be mad at Xia Jian。 The three chatted for a while in Xia Jian’s office,Xia Jianhao couldn’t easily send Xi Zhen and Lin Wei away。Liu Zimin and Meng Jiucheng came,Xia Jian sawContinue Reading

If not now,It is estimated that he will be directly killed by the strong man in front of him。 “Oh,Where is that Lord Victor now,How many people are you who descended on the plane of Magnolia?,How strong?”Wright clutched the head of this lower god,Faintly asked。 “Lord Victor and a fewContinue Reading

———— First41chapter Tragic fight Sovereign Red Lotus turned his head,I found my red lotus spell had been broken。 And the one who broke the red lotus spell,It’s a huge array。 A large array of fifty world realms。 “Moon Lacking Yin and Yang Formation!” Forty-nine people in the world are‘yin’! AContinue Reading

The kingdom of God radiates endless light and heat to the outside world at all times。 In the kingdom of God,The thick and tall old trees are lush,Full3.6Light-year high,The canopy even occupies one-tenth of the entire kingdom of God。 “Father God,Bless me300Did you make a successful proposal?!”One wearing leaf clothes,AsContinue Reading

Hu Yang will continue shopping with Hua Tsai,Walk around,Take a look at the surrounding scenery。 Come out to play,Not all for picking up,This point is clear to all viewers in the live room。 Until noon,Xiao Liang asked Hu Yang and Hua Zai to a restaurant that he thought was good。HeContinue Reading