The Internet is an important support industrial restructuring and development of industrial enterprises, the development of the Internet industry, the construction of identity resolution system is a key task. Recently, the Chinese Information and Telecommunications Research Institute statistics show that my country’s industrial internet logo registrations has exceeded 20 billion.Continue Reading

Onlangs, de 2021 negende Chinese droom (Zhejiang) Netwerkvideo-competitie, de 2021 negende Chinese droom (Zhejiang) Network Video Competition, gehost door het Zhejiang Radio en Television Bureau, Zhejiang Radio en Television Group eindigde, en 4 Categorie?n werden uitgegeven in de competitie . Een totaal van 22 bekroonde werken, evenals 27 uitstekende werken.Continue Reading

Since this year, Luzhou City, Zhangzhou City has continuously opened the "circular context" to accumulate economic potential energy, accelerate the international trade connection point of riveting, and continue to grow foreign trade. From January to August, foreign trade import and export accumulated $ 95.4 million, growth%, effectively utilized $ 20.79Continue Reading

In addition, the Development Zone Education and Cultural Tourism Sports Bureau planned, formulated the "Development Work Plan for the Autumn School of the Development Zone", and requires various primary and secondary schools, kindergartens in accordance with the requirements of the "one school", Well-operated work program and emergency plan.The 19 primaryContinue Reading

  [Guangming chase] Academician, soil microbiologist, Chinese Agricultural University Chen Wenxin Professor, died in Beijing on October 7, 2021, at the age of 95. Chen Wenxin, born in September 1926, Hunan Liuyang people. In 1952, he graduated from Wuhan University. In 1958, he won a deputy doctoral degree in Soviet JiContinue Reading

Source: September 24th to 25th, the 3rd Shandong Provincial Vocational College Rehabilitation Treatment Technology Professional Student Skills Competition was held in Jinan Nursing Vocational College.51 players from 17 high and secondary vocational colleges from the province, and 59 instructors gathered in Quancheng, the same competition.On the afternoon of the 25th,Continue Reading

“Oh!Then you go!Drive slowly on the road”Tong Jie said,Gently patted Xia Jian’s back twice with his hand,It feels like they are old friends for many years。 Tong Jie said to let Xia Jian go,Naturally, her brother-in-law has no objection。They sent Xia Jian to the gate,After watching his big run away,TongContinue Reading