Xia Jian saw that Zhao Longlong was deliberately sloppy,I understand that this guy already knows his intentions,So I went straight to,There is no need to avoid anything。 “Long brother!We are all happy people,I won’t go around,I came here today for Wang Gui’s business“Xia Jian’s face changed,Said seriously。 Zhao Longlong frownedContinue Reading

And the one who lives next to this huge statue,The Nemo family, one of the four beast families,Suzaku clan。 In a long time,The four mythical beast family is headed by the Redding family,All over the four highest planes、Four Gods,Extremely powerful。The Augusta family second only to the Light God Realm。And theContinue Reading

Start again,Everyone is extremely cautious,But the strange thing is that until I enter the second cave,No trace of Ling Feng was found again。The cave is more spacious,It’s much easier to walk than the cave before。Li Tianzhen noticed that there are some dangerous places that have been artificially repaired.,It seems thatContinue Reading

No strong fight,Uncomfortable,Only a slap in the wind,It is unpredictable to Dingchun, which is everywhere.。 “”xN Da Xiong Temple,A purple mouth Zhang ChengOtype,Ding Chunqiu’s voice is still in front of him,Brain a blank,I can’t believe that Ding Chunqiu is so gorgeous.。 It turns out that the old fairy is soContinue Reading

“And because the company didn’t have much money,So I can’t afford the cost of brain-computer chip tapeout.。Especially the design of the first edition is7nmProcess,Only TSMC in the world、Samsung has a mature solution,Including Intel in7nmThe process is still immature。So the cost is naturally high。” “If it weren’t for China’s funding toContinue Reading

As soon as the wine is poured,The three of them raised their glasses。Wang Youcai thinks,All this is like a dream。Go for breakfast in the morning,Something like this,Unexpectedly… Wang Youcai laughed and joked with Tian Wa。A few glasses of wine,Wang Xiaomei’s courage is getting bigger and bigger,In fact, she can alsoContinue Reading

Ding Ding Ding!” “Class is in class。” “I forgot to bring the bad textbook。” 2029year10month。 Yancheng District, Jiangnan Base City。 Yancheng Second High School,second grade(2)In the classroom。 A serious-looking,The middle-aged woman with short hair is scanning with a pair of stern eyes。 “Luo Hongguo, what are you talking about。”The headContinue Reading

Xia Jian leaned on the big swivel chair,Just closed my eyes,When I was about to rest for a while,Wang Lin knocked on the door and walked in,She said embarrassedly:“Too many things in the afternoon,This is just finished”She said,Sat down with a smile on his face。 “Nothing,work on your businesses!I willContinue Reading

“I’m sorry Mingyue,I want to divorce too,Let her live the life she wants,But neither of you agree。mom,something,I do not want to say,You still don’t ask。” When Mrs. Lu was young,,Also a resolute woman,Has a strong woman who won’t let her beard,Getting older,Slow,Not confused,The son obviously has something to say。 LuContinue Reading

Rao is the boldness of Lu Menglin,Can’t help but wonder in my heart secretly,What kind of existence is the Lord of Destruction?!A clone of it,After devouring the enemy,Make such a huge change,Its genes,Its flesh and blood,All present a very unstable state,While maintaining the unstable state of change,Itself represents a stableContinue Reading