Liao Wenjie explained a sentence,No more talks,Tease:“Tell you an exclusive message,Hover Center,Chairman has hung up,In the next period,Huo Group will mess up with a while。You also have real estate business,Grasp this opportunity,Maybe you can take a ticket。” “There is something like this!?” Tang Judi is bright,No suspected Liao Wenjie said,SheContinue Reading

Luo Xiao appeared in this gorgeous armor,Protect it tightly。 Bingchen Bailong’s icy wind swooped down like a whirlwind,But it’s still not fast enough for Luo Xiao to turn into a shadow! “Keng Keng Keng~~~~~~~~~~” In the wind,Bingchen Bailong’s exquisite body slowly expanded in the white wind and snow diamond ice,ItsContinue Reading

“Pooh!” Gu Rimou turned around and cursed:“If I hadn’t competed with Liu Dunyue, I was injured.,Ten of you like this are not my opponent!” “Lao Mouzi,What big talk,Don’t run,Stop and fight me for three hundred rounds!” “Fight to fight!” Gu Rimou seems to be really excited,Lost his mind,Turn around,Slightly short,TheContinue Reading

I saw unicorn pythons use spells,Wang Hong thinks that this world should have cultivation methods,Now see these three fighting,I am more sure of my guess。 “Just don’t know these three,What grade in this world……” Wang Hong squinted his eyes and observed for a long time,Secretly thinking。 The black man withContinue Reading

I can’t help Nie Tao next,Can’t talk about what you owe,In the eyes of the teapot,This is business。But at least a little confession,He remembered that there was an unfinished deal with Nie Tao,Find out the news about Geng Laowu as soon as possible,Inform his brother,I’m worthy of him。 …… LiContinue Reading

But its special appearance,You can see some clues with the naked eye。 “but,In the depths of the black evil pool,I’m afraid there is some distance from here。” Just when Li Ming was pondering,The ape lizards not far away from the formation started to fight。 “boom!” Black Marsh Ape’s attack powerContinue Reading

If you leave Korea,Kim So Yeon can come to see you,I probably wouldn’t be so faceless, right? In the process of all these random thoughts,Lu Menglin followed the flow of people through the border gate,Back to the deep city。 at this time,Zhu Xiaoguang,Zhang Bo should be in class? wrong,At thisContinue Reading

The bones cannot withstand such a big impact,Burst。 In a blink of an eye,Wen Ye Shunji, Tier 5 Power Mutant,The most promising young powerhouse in the Toyo Self-Defense Force,Bleeding all over,The whole person is like a blood gourd。 The famous knife he treasured as his life“Zhan Lan”,Has broken into pieces,ThereContinue Reading