On the morning of October 30, with the rumbling machine, the 300,000-mu high-standard farmland demonstration square production was officially launched.   It is understood that the 300,000-mu high-standard farmland demonstration in Jixian is the largest food production ribbon in the county. It is also one of the most severely damaged regionsContinue Reading

People’s Network Tianjin 16 oktober (Tang Xinyi) 15 oktober, 2021 Tianjin Dagang Port Area Winter LNG Transportation Garantie Noodsituatie werd officieel gehouden. Voordat het verwarmingsseizoen eraan komt, kan de oefening effectief de toepasbaarheid en de bediening van het havengebied controleren op het contingentplan voor de transportgaranties van de belangrijkste energiematerialen.Continue Reading

The "Wisdom Canteen" of the School of Agricultural Bank of China’s Chongqing Branch can provide online recharge, online dining, brush payment, etc. ABC Chongqing Branch provides the "unfamiliar digital credit card" of the Xiamen Bank Chongqing Branch, the "unfamiliar digital credit card", in the e-commerce, bus, mobile phone wallet, etc.,Continue Reading

In recent years, Changge City has attached great importance to the development of private economic economy, and always optimize the business environment, providing quality services as the head of the development economy. Effectively help private enterprises solve the difficulty of environmental governance, improve the green development capacity, create a fairContinue Reading

On January 25, Baiyun District launched 2021 white cloud warm condolences. The condolence range of this event includes six residential troops in the whole district, and the four fire rescue teams; the focus of the region, the low-inspection object, special difficult personnel, orphans; the district will hire the low-security staff,Continue Reading

  In order to implement the national disabled people, the "cross-provincial" video supervision conference "cross-province" is fully implemented, fully implementing the "cross-provincial uniteral" work of the national disabled personnel, and ensures the quality and quantity before the end of 2021. Completion of the mission objective, the Autonomous Region Disabled Persons’ FederationContinue Reading

   In order to broaden the service masses channel, enhance the transparency of the court’s trial work, improve the court culture, build exchanges, publicize the new platform, the Intermediate Court of Jilin Province will open the Changchun Forest Intermediate Court website on January 25, 2018 (http: / //). It is understoodContinue Reading

  Notice! "Anti-theramid" is canceled! Many people have used it as a standing medicine! Recently, the National Drug Administration issued the "Notice on 34 drug registration certificates such as mercury bromine]" (No. 132 of 2021) ". "Announcement" logs out 34 drug registration certificates such as mercury bromine solution. Among them, thereContinue Reading

“President Xia!I’m here to report”Xi Zhen yelled to Xia Jian in a loud voice。 Xia Jian takes a step forward,Took the suitcase in Xi Zhen’s hand,Introduced to her:“This is Mr. Yao,She is now not only our close partner,And also our landlord” “Mr. Yao!We have seen”Xi Zhen stretched out her littleContinue Reading