But selling it to Li with the wind to directly turn three times the money。 “Xiao Li,You can agree with you,But the house is sold to you,We have no place to live.”About this question,Li Hui also has its own intention.。 “Hey-hey,uncle,You can cover the movable board room,Thousands of pieces canContinue Reading

“Don’t be stiff。You just like Xiao Xiao,But some of her later practices,Just let you die。We all know this,Don’t avoid it”Guan Tingna said,Started the car。 Xia Jian did not argue with Guan Tingna any more,Because this thing is really like this。Who hasn’t had a past,Anyway。 Xia Jian glanced at his watch,WhisperedContinue Reading

Be right,This“Three hair on Emei Mountain”,Knowing nickname,Originally the evil master in Emei Mountain,Later, in order to avoid extinction chasing,This is sweeping the world。 “That is awkward,Chu Tai Year’s mouth,Have you ever extinct to the god sword sharp!”Mao Gongjan is angry。 This“Three hairs”In Chu Deire,Change to a forward master,That is, theContinue Reading

Just these,How did Ye Xuan do it?? Actually here,No one will understand this at all。 but,Thunderous applause around。 “Great,Team Leader Ye Xuan is really amazing。” “That’s right,Excellent staff,Well deserved。” “if it is like this,So for the next leader Ye’s performance,I look forward to it more!” Now,With the people around,I didn’tContinue Reading

Fang Fang nodded,One foot hard,The buzzer of a BMW,Flew forward。Just turned,A few big trees block the view behind,Fang Fang’s very accurate emergency brake,Xia Jianla car door,Flashed behind the tree。Fang Fang drove away in a BMW car。 A black Buick quickly followed,Xia Jian, who was hiding behind the tree, glanced atContinue Reading

Instinct when hungry,People can suppress but cannot control。 and so,Hunger quickly affected his mood。 咻咻! Goshawk crying loudly,And then rush down regardless。 Watching the goshawk rushing over quickly,A group of people immediately turned their backs,Hurriedly fled towards the four directions。 “Finally down!” Leo has been staring at Gantt,So when theContinue Reading

“All right!Anyway,I still have to thank you,You do this,He dare not come to my house again,I’m still a bit sick”Chen Xiaolan said with a smile。 at this time,Xia Jian’s phone rang,He saw that Xi Zhen was calling,Then put the phone through。Xi Zhen asked softly on the phone:“President Xia!Where are you?I’llContinue Reading

Ju Jiangyan’s understanding,Been with Qin Feng for so long,I have never heard Qin Feng say anything about him,And even if there is,He never said,I don’t know what it is today,Is it painful?? “what!no, I’m fine,I’ll go home and lie down for a while,No need to go to the hospital,Wife, doContinue Reading

Security personnel on site,Come around right away,Prevent accidents。After all, this is an emerald worth hundreds of millions,Anything can happen。 “Worked hard,Invite everyone to dinner later。”Xin Zhao told the security foreman。 “Thanks boss!this is what we are supposed to do。” After seeing Biaowang’s calcination process,Some talents start to disperse,Someone broke theContinue Reading