Can be believed,Can also hit Guo Zhaobu’s reputation,In invisible, resolve the Fuyang crisis after Guo Jumin,Even the prestige of the ruling mountains is further。 Even Zhao ignored everyone has already calculated,After that, let the East Factory of Fuyang,Seize the little scorpion of the end of the world and Shangguanhai,Let CaoContinue Reading

Li Tianchou squinted,Don’t know what to say,He had been to Wenhui’s bar before coming to the car dealership,The environment is more pickled and chaotic than before,I wanted to talk to Wenhui and left,Unexpectedly, I met a drunk Ryoko。 This guy is completely gone、Jealous,And also forgot the lesson from the lastContinue Reading

He has a strong wrist,Create a sect,Suppress the Quartet。 He suppressed,Dongqiyu is not too chaotic。 Not too confusing means,Except Dongqi faction,There are also many Daojun-level strengths hidden,Such as Jiuchen,Wan Ji Shan,Heiyuhai etc.,Almost there are four footpaths。 Rush to the heart of the Eastern Qiyu—Eternal World Time,It is already more thanContinue Reading

———— 810 Five ancestor talent The talent of the fifth ancestor is indeed not high!” Zhu Huiwei said seriously:“The reason why the ancestor Baihu can hang you,But your life span is much longer,After more than a thousand years of hard training, it is naturally better than us。 But you areContinue Reading

Zhao Luo just said a word and was interrupted by Na,“Does she drink or not have anything to do with you,Now you are not all the same,Don’t look。” Seeing Xia Shuyue being dragged by the group of people not to leave,Zhao Luo feels particularly uneasy,This is the woman I loveContinue Reading

Chen Xia took a breath on the phone and said:“Since you have been discharged,Then go back to Bucheon to raise it!Don’t worry about Langhu,I have already invitedsBest lawyer in the city” “I want to see him”Xia Jian said coldly。 Chen Xia sighed and said:“No way,The police won’t let anyone see,WhenContinue Reading

Women are different from men。Chen Xiaolan is holding a wet towel again,Xia Jian in bed,Wiped it from head to toe,Then patted his generous back and said:“Put your clothes on!If someone comes” Xia Jianyi listen,Then got up in a hurry,Get dressed in twos or twos。He took the small box beside theContinue Reading