Wright himself,Because of the wife’s blood,It’s hard to give birth to offspring,But whether he is from his foster father or mother,Or from biological parents,In fact, they all have the responsibility of family inheritance。 In the years when I was the commander of the army,Wright has not yet entered the sanctuary,InContinue Reading

Zhu Minglang just left the school,The battle book was delivered to myself,They chose the river battlefield,Zhu Minglang has never been there。 The time is set in the afternoon,I wish Minglang don’t worry,After a nice lunch,Then I walked slowly up the Lichuan Plain。 Through a river willow forest,The dry willow branchesContinue Reading

Xu Laifu is naturally happy for such a thing.,After all, I can drink more and sink.,So how many things can be taken next to the secretary of the town committee。 “Subsets, I will stay with you in Lianhua Village.,Recently, many projects in the village are also beginning to get it.,AfterContinue Reading

When Xia Jian said this,,I spit out my tongue embarrassedly。Why has he forgotten such an important thing??Fortunately, where is Guan Tingna unable to see his expression。 Guan Tingna snorted coldly on the phone:“With beauties,Of course you can’t remember calling me back。But let me remind you,Tomorrow evening you will rush intoContinue Reading

“Because there are all nuns on Mount Emei”end what!This woman turned around and scolded him,Xia Jian is about to answer her words,The phone on the desk rang untimely。 “Hey!President Xia,Oh no,The earth-moving convoy is fighting,Situation is troublesome”Heiwa on the phone,Shouted anxiously。 ———— First0227chapter Fight hard Financial Center,Earthwork has been fullyContinue Reading

”That’s the best“Xu Yiming said with a hurried smile。 Brother Long tapped his fingers on the table for a while and said:“You can give me 60,000 yuan“ Xu Yiming listened,Thought,This old guy turned out to be darker than Chen San。One opening is sixty thousand,Isn’t it just to drive someone outContinue Reading

Duan Xiuying accompanied her mother to the banquet,Came a bit late,As soon as I entered the hall, I saw many people gathered around,Get curious,Also take a look,This looks amazing,Take a photo to Lu Xin immediately,Inform her。 as expected,Lu Xin is angry,Cut off by half-sister,How can she bear this breath?That prettyContinue Reading