Trip to Lingshan,He restored the innate gods and demons‘Jin Chanzi’The body,Was named the Bodhisattva Jantan Merit,Many years later, he mastered the way of heaven and became a Buddha! but,The End of the Ancients,The five masters and apprentices are now only three left。 The white dragon horse is extremely dazzling inContinue Reading

“Car dealer。”Big black is not shy,Speaking and took out paper and pen from his pocket,Wrote a series of numbers quickly,“Call this if you want to find him。” Li Tianchou took a look,Is a strange number,He guessed it was Peng Weihua,This master’s phone number often changes,“thank you,Uncle。” The big black noddedContinue Reading

Many people said that the acting skills of virtual idols turned out to be remarkable,Even far better than many traffic stars。 This is even more terrifying。 Find a traffic star to make a movie,Costly,The audience may not buy it,Fans cannot support the production cost。 But use virtual idols and entertainmentContinue Reading

Chapter Twenty Seven Uninterrupted trail(2) Hou Yi Kills the True God Golden Crow,After all, it happened in the ancient world of Pangu。 That era,Infinite Chaos World has not collided with the Three Realms,The King of God has only heard of this。 but,The god king has also seen the ancestral powerContinue Reading

“busy recently,Waiting to build school,I might come more often,I’ll stay with you for a few more nights“Xia Jian said with a bad smile。 Chen Xiaolan snorted:“Alright!I never believed you。I am leaving,When you go,Lock the door here,The door lock is hung on the lock,You just click“ Chen Xiaolan finished,Put on aContinue Reading

but,Wei Shasha is still a little curious in her heart。 “Despite this,but,What should we do?” After all these people,If it is not resolved soon。 Then then,Such a thing,I’m afraid it will happen。 So see here,In this situation,Wang Teng smiled faintly:“it’s actually really easy,Since I have met here,So let’s not talkContinue Reading

“No,No,how could be,You guys drink。”Zhu Yi had to pick up the cup and Ermao for a drink。 Other people followed,A bottle of liquor,Go around,Only half a bottle left,Zhu Yi’s head is under the influence of drugs and alcohol,Can’t lift up slowly。 Other physical strength is stronger than him,Still shouting andContinue Reading

The messenger looked surprised when he saw the other party,Smile,Pretending to be mysterious and pulled the officer aside,Quietly:“Did the general ever know,The foreign elders in the city,Want to rebel!” “what!” The eyes of the defending officer are perfectly round,Looking at the guy in front of you in disbelief,The elders withContinue Reading