It depends,Should be like this。

but,Wei Shasha is still a little curious in her heart。
“Despite this,but,What should we do?”
After all these people,If it is not resolved soon。
Then then,Such a thing,I’m afraid it will happen。
So see here,In this situation,Wang Teng smiled faintly:“it’s actually really easy,Since I have met here,So let’s not talk about anything else,Still think of a way first,Get rid of these people!”
When Wang Teng looked at him a little bit,The more so,In fact, it looks like Wang Teng,It feels very good。
And Wang Teng’s side,Other people are looking here,The more I look at it, the more I feel anxious。
But from here,Wang Teng itself,On the contrary, I don’t think there is a big problem at all。
I just looked straight ahead,When I see here,Wang Teng said directly:“It’s ok,Then you will follow me。”
“Actually just now for a while,I have found out。”
Looks at Wang Teng,Actually these things,Essentially,But the more I look at it, the more thorough I feel。
While watching these,In this situation,Actually Wang Teng himself,I feel,Now like this,It’s actually very interesting。
And looking at these,Wang Teng never forgets to say here。
“All right,Since now,These things have been completely resolved,That’s not what we need to worry about。”