Jay Chou’s VLOG is to feel stupid 丨 reveal Zhou You Ji

Jay Chou’s VLOG is to feel “stupid” 丨 reveal “Zhou You Ji”
Whether you are Jay Chou’s iron fan or not, he will always have a song in your single loop.As the symbol of the times in Chinese Chinese pop music circles, Jay Chou has been making music for 20 years since his debut, touring, cross-border film director, variety instructor, but facing the camera, being cautious, shy, and protecting himself will always be his background.”Zhou You Ji”, which is being broadcast on Zhejiang Satellite TV, is the first personal reality show in his career, and it is also the first time he has brought himself to the public in an unconfident year.”Journey to the Week” is initiated by Jay Chou, with friends Du Guozhang, Chen Guanlin, and Cai Weize as regular guests. In each period, friends from different Jay Chou circles are invited to travel together, including Lin Junjie, Xiao Jingteng, Lang Lang and so on.This show includes the cultural landscapes of Singapore, Paris, Australia, Jay Chou ‘s magic, songs, cooking, and his unknown stories.Some viewers said that “Zhou You Ji” is Jay Chou’s VLOG.Chen Zhong, the producer of “Zhou You Ji”, admitted in an exclusive interview with Sauna Nightnet that the show wanted to present the most authentic, interesting and even “stupid” cute Jay Chou in private.”We hope to see his life from Jaylen’s point of view, and then share the real him with or like him, or don’t know him enough, and even don’t even know his audience before.”Chen Zhong revealed that Jay Chou will have new music and movie plans this year, but it does not rule out that they will do after the epidemic.”0 version of “Zhou You Ji” “, try themes other than magic.”We may also record behind the scenes of Jaylen’s work, or other interesting content.We will not set a limit, but Jaylen works too much and it is difficult to guarantee time.”All the magic is done in one go, without the original intention of editing Jay Chou, this is to be a pure magic variety show.The team had predicted a large-scale magic show, or made a magic version of “Chinese Good Voice”.But after an in-depth understanding, it was discovered that “many magicians have a very poor life in order to develop a classic large-scale magic, like turning the” Goddess of Liberty “into vanish.But Jaylen didn’t have that much time.There are not so many powerful magicians in the world that can be invited.”In the two decades of Jay Chou’s debut, most of them have been filled with work schedules such as music production, concerts, and commercial shooting; airports, hotels, venues, three points and one line, he has not really taken a rest.In addition to Zhou Youji’s shooting, which can bring him different travel experiences, magic is the easiest way to narrow the distance between strangers from all over the world. “He hopes to interact with people around the world through his favorite magic.”” Zhou You Ji “also took shape.In “Zhou You Ji”, Jay Chou will perform impromptu magic for local tourists at every attraction, involving close-up magic, manipulation magic, psychological magic and so on.Chen Zhong said that Jay Chou’s requirements for magic are very high, and the magic clip must be shot in one shot.”Jaron has always been that magic is not brilliant, the important thing is that it cannot be edited.Once edited, it’s unreal.Even if the shooting angle or lighting is not good enough, it must be done in one go.In order to meet the “no post” displayed by the magician, the photographer must overcome all difficulties at the scene and capture the best angle to ensure the magician’s realism and immersion.This also led to the difficulty of framing because of the audience gathering, and even occasionally being stretched out by the bustling crowd. Missing the instantaneous effects of many magics, it was necessary to come again.”But we also can’t ask the security guard to isolate the crowd and lose our real requirements for the real mirror show, so shooting is very difficult.”In order to ensure that there are new magics in each issue, Jay Chou has always insisted on innovation and practice during the recording process.The two magicians, Chen Guanlin and Cai Weize, accompanied him from the professional perspective to discuss the technology and optimize it. Jay Chou will also work hard in private and continue to learn new magic, “If he learns something new, he will continue to perform toLet’s see if there are any flaws.This takes a lot of time to practice, Jaylen has accumulated a lot of magic experience in private.Jay Chou’s biggest point about shooting and producing “Journey to the Week” is that there are no scripts, no people set up, no rules.”We want to let travel, magic, and other things happen naturally, so the whole show has only one destination frame. When shooting, he and friends can do whatever they want.Still want to let everyone capture the fun in casual.”But randomness also brings a lot of uncertainty to the recording.”We have been dealing with problems all the time.”Many overseas shooting venues still need to apply for approval in advance; if you need to use the existing showrooms in the scene, for example, to perform magic performances in some famous European art venues, you must also find local powerful people to help communicate.In addition, the team often encounters sudden changes in the weather of the destination, and must temporarily modify the route and theme; or it is surrounded by a large number of fans and crowds during the shooting, and it has to return to nothing.Due to various unusual shooting methods, a lot of recording experience can only be accumulated through trial and error.”We hope the show is real and interesting, with joyful elements and magical surprises, as well as local scenery.But in a short program, if everything has to be taken into account, it may not be good at all.Therefore, we can only try to show interesting, joyful, positive energy content in the editing.”As the initiator of the show, Jay Chou also personally participated in all aspects of the show.Whether it is planning, invitations from friends, or shooting and follow-up, he will make suggestions from the director’s perspective.And the “Chou’s Love Song” selected in the show, the sound effects, including how to choose the picture and lens, as long as Jaylen has time to participate in the production and constantly adjust his ideas, “He has very strict requirements on the details of everything, not only this show.Jay Chou became willing to be known by the outside world about Jay Chou’s performance in Zhou You Ji, which surprised Chen Zhong, who had worked with him for many years.On the show, Jaylen repeatedly recalled unknown past events. For example, in his early debut, he often stared at the cap because of his lonely personality, and his songs were placed on the end of the street, but no passers-by knew who he was;Lin Junjie’s sunglasses don’t even know that they are stupid now.”Journey to the Week” presents Jay Chou, who is not only music, but also funny and persistent.”We are often seen in private small areas of his real face, but he is willing to show it to so many people, I am quite indispensable.”Chen Zhong said that Jay Chou in private was exactly what it was in the show. Although sometimes it was” Secondary 2 “when getting along with friends, but for so many years, everyone didn’t even look at” sickness “and still felt cute and funny.In the show, Jay Chou talked about some of the stories, inner thoughts, even Chen Zhong has never heard of.For more than 20 years since Jay debuted, he has never stopped working and is a “labor model” in the entertainment industry. However, due to his shy personality, he is not always willing to expose himself to the outside world.”Perhaps at an age, with a family and a parent, these two years he still likes to contact people and is willing to share with you.”At the beginning, Jay Chou was still resistant to the reality show, but slowly, he began to” pain and be happy “,” And he hasn’t done this, he has done nothing or no one has done,It is also particularly energetic.”However,” You Zhou “also has doubts.Compared with other tourism variety shows, this show looks a little “four different”: less local customs, travel guides, the program is only full of impromptu magic and casual chat, more like a fan-oriented, recording the magic of Jay ChouVlog of the sound brigade.Jay Chou also said on the show, “Brother is not on the street, he is on memory.”This is a program that is hard to define and belongs to him personally.”Chen Zhong said bluntly, “Zhou You Ji” is not a star trip, nor a “fan carnival”, but just wants to share the most authentic weekly humor and joy in life with everyone in a happy and relaxed way.”We not only broadcast it internally, but also distribute it overseas. We just want more people to understand him who is real and interesting. Now he is willing to be understood by more people.”” Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He editor Tong Na proofreading Wu Xingfa